FAKE NEWS: “No Proof Trump Stayed at the Ritz” Uncovered FBI Spreadsheet Shows Media were Fake Sources for ‘Pee-Pee Tapes’- Steele Dossier

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The American people have been aware of the influence of Democrat politics upon media outlets for some time, and now we have proof that their speculations are accurate with the exposure of how the media influenced what is unfolding to be a coup d’é·tat.

“There is no ‘Presidential Suite’ currently listed on Ritz Carlton website,” a reporter for CBS News posted on Twitter, starting to unravel the FBI’s “fact gathering” inconsistances.

That should be shocking to the people who promoted the fake story about how the Russians have video of Donald Trump being urinated upon, and he is being bribed by the Russians to not release the videotape. That is a massive conspiracy theory on the left, and the foundation for their resistance to him. The foundation for that story came out of the Steele Dossier.

Catherine Herridge, a reporter with CBS News, posted on Twitter Monday that she had received a previously unknown document that is a 94 page spreadsheet used to support and defend the highly controversial Dossier written by Michael Steele, known as the “Steele Dossier”, which was the foundation for opening up a flood gate of spying and corrupt actions against Donald J. Trump and his associates when he was a candidate, and further when was President, upon him and his administration.

And it appears their sources for pursuing Trump was the media, who were passing around fake news.

The Democrats, the media, far-left activists, the FBI leadership have built a case to overthrow our duly elected president on the foundation on a bombastic, document of bizarre origins, involving a source known to the FBI to be corrupt, and includes sorted details, known as the “Steele Dossier” also known to “Resist Trump” activists as the “Pee Pee Dossier”, which is a fake document and common rallying call for a reason to resistance Trump’s presidential authority, and to discredit Trump to this day.

In the Steele Dossier (aka Pee Pee Tapes, Pee Pee Dossier), was a fake story, which ignited a massive conspiracy theory about Trump hiring prostitutes to urinate on a hotel bed.

The dossier falsely claimed, and the left’s massive conspiracy theory is that the room was called the Presidential Suite and was chosen by Trump because former President Obama once stayed in the same bed, and the left passed that story around in 2016 with enjoyment and continues to do so.

#Durham Full link 94-page declassified FBI spreadsheet, part of broader Bureau effort to corroborate Steele dossier, first obtained @CBSNews On unverified, salacious Ritz allegations, FBI spreadsheet cites Steele’s primary sub-source who was subject of 2009 FBI probe as possible,” Herridge wrote.

And shocking details from the memo, admits there is no proof Trump stayed at the Hotel where the events in the “Pee Pee Dossier” happened.

“NATSEC threat + Russian agent. Notes, “no confirmation that Trump stayed here. There is no ‘Presidential Suite’ currently listed on Ritz Carlton website.” IG Horowitz faulted FBI over lack of corroboration + evidence of circular reporting. Full link here:”Herridge posted.

That is shocking.

“SCOOP #Durham: @CBSNews obtains 94-page declassified FBI spreadsheet, widely cited by IG Horowitz, but not public until now. Recently released to Senate investigators, the FBI spreadsheet was part of a broader effort to corroborate the Steele dossier claims, Herridge posted on Twitter.

Herridge reported that Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz had faulted the FBI for showing a lack of corroboration, and using “circular reporting”, proving that the FBI showed a complete lack integrity with using their sources.

“While lightly redacted, the bureau spreadsheet shows the FBI relied heavily on media reporting to back up claims about Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and others.  IG Horowitz faulted the FBI over lack of corroboration + evidence of circular reporting;” Herridge wrote.

Herridge reported that the FBI used Yahoo News, who often display a left-leaning ideology and pro-Democrat party bias, as a source.

Then once in the court of public opinion, the court record was established. It was not a standard to rely upon media reporting for the FBI to use as a source for law enforcement.

“IG Horowitz also faulted the FBI for using the Yahoo462.2K4.8KCatherine Herridge@CBS_Herridge·reporting in the @carterwpage FISA + then not correcting the court record once the connection with Steele was known. Tim Gill Sr, a former senior FBI intelligence officer, told CBS that the reliance on media reporting was not standard,” Herridge reported.

And further the FBI, according to IG Horowitz, and the statement to CBS News, by former Sr. FBI Intelligence officer, Tim Gill Sr. was that the “fact gathering” by the FBI in those cases not at all standard, and was using media reporting, instead of well established tools.

The Urban Myth and massive conspiracy theory about the “Pee Pee Tapes” is an outrage and has caused great division in America, and now we know the sources were the FBI leadership with used fake news, knowingly pushing lies.

This is a single example of the left’s inability to discern facts from crazy political theater:

Hopefully some adults will one day address how the fake media is responsible for many of the problems we have in America.

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