October Surprise: Biden Sexual Assault Accuser Announces She Plans To Drop Book Before Election, A Memoir On Coming Forward As a Biden Accuser

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One of the Pilars of the Democrat Party is the #MeToo movement.  Even though the Democrats refuse to acknowledge it, because it does not further their power, Joe Biden has a #MeToo problem.

The #MeToo movement is explained by Wikipedia as ‘ a social movement against sexual abuse and sexual harassment where people publicize allegations of sex crimes committed by powerful and/or prominent men….

Following the exposure of the widespread sexual-abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein in early October 2017,  the movement began to spread virally as a hashtag on social media.  On October 15, 2017, American actress Alyssa Milano posted on Twitter, “If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me too’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem,” saying that she got the idea from a friend.   A number of high-profile posts and responses from American celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley JuddJennifer Lawrence,  and Uma Thurman, among others, soon followed.’

The ironic thing about the #MeToo movement, is that the community tends to make a lot less noise and voice a lot less concern when the alleged victim is a Democrat political figure, such a Bill Clinton or Joe Biden.

Many people are likely unaware of Tara Reade (no, not the actress from American Pie), she is one of the women who have accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her.  Well, she is not staying silent anymore and is planning on releasing a book, not about the election, but rather about her experience trying to tell her story.  Finally someone is going to explain what it is like to try and get justice when the alleged perp is a powerful Democrat.

Fox News broke and exclusive story earlier in the day, reporting:

‘Tara Reade is writing a memoir about the turbulent journey she has taken since coming forward with her allegation that her former boss Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.

Reade, who went public in March with the accusation after previously joining several women who in 2019 lodged claims of unwanted touching by the former senator, vice president and current Democratic presidential candidate, is authoring the book “Left Out: When The Truth Doesn’t Fit In.” It is slated for release on Oct. 27, just one week before the presidential election.

The synopsis reads, “Tara Reade shares the aftermath of the re-victimization of speaking out about her sexual assault, with then-Sen. Joe Biden in 1993, where the shaming, attacks and threats instigated by the media set (sic) her into a personal tailspin. Tara-rized viciously by cyberbullies, receiving death threats, and fearing for her life and those of her family, Tara tells how living with no regret and coming forward was right for her conscious (sic). The moment that defines Tara will not confine, but instead move her forward by reclaiming her identity and pulling back together the pieces of life left.”

Both Biden and his campaign have repeatedly denied her claims.

Jacquie Jordan, founder of TVGuestpert Publishing, told Fox News, “As a woman-owned business, we believe Tara Reade’s story was worth being written, memorialized and shared.”

Reade said she hopes “by being really frank about my life, about what has happened to me, and how I keep forward,” she can help other sexual assault survivors.

Speaking with Fox News, Reade explained that she had been working on her memoir while “everything is still going on” regarding the presidential election. She likened the process to “writing in chaos.”

Reade insisted, however, that her book isn’t about the election or Biden.’

Ms. Reade may be right that the book itself is not ‘about the election,’ however, the man that allegedly caused all this trauma to her and the people who made her suffer (allegedly) are on the ballot.  The election will take place a mere week after the release of the likely bombshell book.

As with all sexual assault perpetrators, the public deserves to know the truth, no matter who the aggressor is.  I do not care if it is Joe Bide, Bill Clinton or Donald Trump, there is no excuse for this type of behavior, period.  If there are credible women with stories like this about President  Trump the American people deserve to know.  Especially when the one who stands accused is running on his ‘character.’

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