Trump Administration Warns Corporations: Anti-White Discrimination May Cost Them Their Federal Contracts

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How did we steer do far from Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin,’ in America, and in such a short time?  It’s quite scary to see how racially polarized America has become in the past few years.

I thought the election, and rein of Barack Hussein Obama healed America forever of racial tension, or so the media would have led us to believe back when the Dems controlled the White House.

However, now that the Dems find themselves out of power, and in need of so-called ‘inter sectionalism’ to get them back into power, Americans are once again being pitted against themselves on the basis of the tone of their skin.  One man, Donald Trump, is doing something about this. Yes, I know if you are one of those people who believe what they see on the cable news and read in the NYT, that sentence may make your head explode …

[Opinion] The progressives have become very comfortable pushing their social justice agenda, which basically excludes Americans with white skin and some Asian backgrounds  from scholarships, internships, jobs, and promotions.

Why, because they believe these extra privileges’ should be given to people who have more pigment in their skin, “people of color”, to somehow compensate for what they deem as centuries of systemic racism. In effect, it is ok to discriminate against Americans in 2020 in order to give privilege’s to other Americans for the purposes of executing social justice for what happened in the 1760’s to 1960’s.

Of course, the fact the citizens of the Northern states went to war to end the practice of slavery in the US plus Trillion of dollars have been spent fighting poverty, doesn’t matter to the left.

The GOP pushed through the Civil Rights legislation with 82% of their members in the Senate and 80% in the House voting for the bill and only 69% of Democrat Senators, and 63% of House Dems doing so, but who is listening?

In America, prejudice is always wrong. Taking from those today, who had nothing to do with past wrongs, and giving to people who were not alive to have these wrongs done to them, is in reality discrimination.

The Trump administration is warning multinational corporations that their “commitments to diversity” could cost them federal contracts if it is determined that their behavior is discriminatory against white and Asian Americans who are equally qualified for the jobs.

Trump’s Labor Department is using a 55-year-old presidential order spurred by the Civil Rights Movement to scrutinize companies like Microsoft and Wells Fargo over their public commitments to hiring based on skin color

. Government letters sent last week warned both companies against using “discriminatory practices” to meet their goals.

“The letter asked us to prove that the actions we are taking to improve opportunities are not illegal race-based decisions,” said Dev Stahlkopf, Microsoft’s general counsel. “Emphatically, they are not.”

The Labor Department responded that it “appreciates Microsoft’s assurance on its website that it is not engaging in racial preferences or quotas in seeking to reach its affirmative action and outreach goals.”

However, Silicon Valley SJW’s insist that the moves by the Labor Department under President Trump may have a serious impact on hiring practices with federal contractors employing nearly a quarter of all American workers.

“For tech companies that don’t care about these issues, the pronouncements are a dog whistle that they can carry on discriminating the way they already have,” said Laszlo Bock, who formerly lead Google’s human resources division for over ten years.

“It’s not at all illegal to strive to have a workforce that reflects the makeup of your nation,” Bock claimed, showing his political bias by claiming that the Trump administration applying civil rights law in an equal manner is “turning [the law] around into an instrument of white grievances.”

However, affirmative action and quota systems allow unqualified minorities into positions they can’t perform while preventing those not of color from befitting from all their education and hard work. American companies are less viable.

A true meritocracy, in which the most qualified applicant receives the job they have earned, is the only thing that can sustain American greatness.

Big League Politics has reported on how the Trump administration has protected the white working class with moves that no other president would have the courage to take, such as banning the teaching of Marxist critical race theory throughout the federal government:

Weeks after banning the use of hateful critical race theory indoctrination sessions among federal agencies, President Donald Trump is expanding the CRT ban to companies that receive lucrative federal government contracts.

The President announced he is expanding the ban to cover private government contractors in a series of Tuesday tweets…

The ban on governmental contractors will doubtlessly instill panic in the CEO’s of powerful Fortune 500 companies, who love to tout their supposed virtue by staging race-based trainings on their often unwilling employees. Many of these companies are largely dependent on payments from the United States government, despite masquerading as a “free enterprise.”

The President’s executive order on the matter refutes the liberal identity-politics doctrine alleging that some people are inherently oppressive or evil on the basis of their race.

The ban’s coverage of contractors that do business with the United States military may be the most significant. Organizations such as Sandia National Laboratories, which is a longstanding federal nuclear research institutions, were busted staging hateful “trainings” in which white male employees were coerced into repeating progressive and BLM-style drivel.

Christopher Rufo, whose reporting may have been essential in bringing hateful CRT trainings to President Trump’s attention, has obtained a copy of the executive order banning its practitioners from receiving government contracts. View it here.


In addition, the Education Department last month opened an investigation into racial bias at Princeton University over the school’s recent acknowledgment of racism on campus, and on Thursday, the Justice Department sued Yale University, weeks after prosecutors found the university was illegally discriminating against Asian American and white applicants, in violation of federal civil rights law.

Trump’s newest executive order also applies to educational institutions that receive federal funding. At least one university, the University of Iowa, suspended its diversity efforts in response the order.

Liz Tovar, the university’s interim associate vice president of diversity, equity, and inclusion, said the decision was taken because of “the seriousness of the penalties for non-compliance with the order, which include the loss of federal funding.”

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