Kirstie Alley Slays Corey Booker and Dems, proves the Senate has more melodrama than Hollywood

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An unlikely critic of Democrat Senator Kamala Harris and the Democrat Party posted on Twitter a blistering reaction to Tuesday’s nomination hearing of Amy Coney Barrett.

“ I’m speaking”..Your chronic smirk & juvenile demands to be “listened to” are consistent with a pretty girl who garnered power by boinking a married man. Perhaps you can’t conceive of an ethical woman gaining power on her own merit without the use of her vag. I’m speaking ”  Hollywood star, Kirstie Alley posted on Twitter,” Kirstie Alley posted.

Alley’s comments resonated with many Americans who, in general, find that Harris is unlikeable and smug, and really don’t like the “I am speaking” quote, which Harris’s supporters have made into a popular hashtag with accompanying mania from the feminist left to turn it all into “mantra”.

The rebuke by Alley would have been unheard of at one time, in a day when Hollywood was in “lockstep” with the far left of the Democrat Party, however recently celebrities who are fleeing failing Hollywood, are finding new audiences with supporters of the Trump administration.

Alley has been active on Twitter the last few months in support of President Donald J. Trump and has started a podcast to talk about her political point of view. Her “rants” are quite logical, gaining her a steady and growing base of listeners.

Further, Alley appeared to have a better grasp of the legal issues present at the recent Senate Supreme Court Justice hearings than did the sitting US Senator Corey Booker, who gave an emotional, triggered, and dramatic rendition of being oppressed and harassed, showing that the Democrats in Washington are worse actors than the people in Hollywood.

Booker posted on Twitter after a bizarre rant at the public hearing, that he had been victimized:

This was booker performance art on Tuesday, in the “Halls of Congress”:

Booker later posted, “I asked Amy Coney Barrett today if she believes every president should make a commitment to the peaceful transition of power. She wouldn’t answer my question. That’s profoundly concerning for a judge who aspires to join our nation’s highest court.”

Alley responded to Booker’s tweet, “she can’t ethically answer ANY questions about “what she would do as a Supreme Court judge”..I take comfort that she wouldn’t answer any “I’m trying to trip you up” political questions from either side.”

“I have to stop watching this confirmation hearing. It seems like perhaps some questions could be tossed to Amy Coney Barrett.. instead of INCESSANT GRANDSTANDING .. I have to go brush my hair. It’s The only unruly thing I can control today,” Alley posted.

“U think some GOP are buffoons?? Check out clown master Sheldon Whitehouse from RI. If Saturday night live doesn’t characterize this cat, they’re really missing the boat. I only wish Phil Hartman was still living to portray him.,” she said.

“Senator Sheldon Whitehouse please do your next impossible to follow PowerPoint slide show SCHEME on BLM (the organization) I can’t say I found this one intriguing because it was so freaking frenetic! I feel so sorry for ACB having to listen to this confusing screwball,” she said.

Alley no longer resides in California, she posted, which could explain her break with the mindset of most Hollywood.

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