Supreme Court Of MI Confirms Gov. Whitmer’s Unconstitutional COVID Orders Are NOW Void, Not On October 30

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There may not be a least admired female Governor than Ms. Whitmer.  I would say she is the last admired and most scorned of all governors, but Cuomo of New York … Newsome in California … there is some serious competition for that title.  We are talking about a woman who seems willing to do anything for her insatiable appetite for complete and total power.

Her desire to rule with the force of a medieval monarch was so over the top that her own state’s Supreme Court had to step in and put an end to her illegal and unconstitutional power grab.

This is a huge win for the people of Michigan and a huge blow to the nationally known and largely despised Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Wilson.

DJHJMedia‘s Rich Welsh reported:

[Opinion] ”The Michigan Supreme Court handed Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer another legal defeat on Monday when a majority ruled her Chinese virus orders are no longer in effect.  This even after they already ruled her orders were unconstitutional.

The Court recently overturned a decision handed down by the Court of Claims that found that the act gave the governor the power to issue emergency orders. Monday’s ruling came after an October 2 decision where the high court said that the 75-year-old emergency powers act is incompatible with the Michigan Constitution because it unlawfully delegated legislative power to the executive branch, rendering them as unconstitutional.  It is my belief that elected Democrats no longer understand that laws they like could be declared unconstitutional.  Time doesn’t make an unconstitutional law Constitutional.

The court also responded to a certified question from the federal court to confirm Whitmer did not have authority past April 30 to make any restrictive orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic without going to and getting approval from the legislative branch.  That’s how it works.  The legislature creates the laws, the executive enforces them, and the judiciary decides if the law in question holds up to the standard set by the Constitution.  This is 7th grade stuff.

“The Governor only possessed the authority or obligation to declare a state of emergency or state of disaster once and then had to terminate that declaration when the Legislature did not authorize an extension; the Governor possessed no authority to redeclare the same state of emergency or state of disaster,” the order said.

We reported when Governor Whitmer fumed at the Court claiming their decision was ideologically partisan.

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling, handed down by a narrow majority of Republican justices, is deeply disappointing, and I vehemently disagree with the court’s interpretation of the Michigan Constitution,” the governor said, according to  The majority of justices, in reality, were those who understood and respect their Constitution.

Whitmer then went so far as to tell her constituents that her regulations were still the law of the land for the time being.  What a tyrant.

“It is important to note that this ruling does not take effect for at least 21 days, and until then, my emergency declaration and orders retain the force of law,” she continued.   She was talking about until October 30.

Um, not anymore.  Can you believe the gall of this dictator to make up her own arbitrary date as to when she will abide by the state Supreme Court’s ruling?  Only a Democrat.’

Thank goodness that the court are putting and end to this defacto state, which felt a lot like ‘martial law lite’ before it became the ‘new normal.’  Although, we are not out of the woods yet.  We still have a long way to go to break the general public’s fear based conditioning that interacting with people is someone going to kill them.

When I think about how badly the average American is doing, in health, both mental and physical I become very sad.  We can get through this and restore America, but we are going to need to abolish the establishment and their henchmen in the media and other ‘institutions.’  When I say abolish I do not mean kill, or capture, I just mean we need to wake people up and get them to stop consuming the propaganda and let these vestiges of a bygone era collapse under their own weight.

The future is freedom and we are the future.

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