EXCLUSIVE: Heshy Tischler, After Arrest Talks about Mistreatment of NY Jews, Offers to Help de Blasio Clean up NY for Free

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Heshy Tischler is a candidate for NY City Council. a humanitarian, charitable giver, an experienced NY builder, and a faith Jewish congregant and a Trump supporter and he is having numerous conflicts with Democrat Mayor de Blasio, who had him arrested this week.

“I was confused about what was going on, there was a lot of back and forth over if I would be arrested or not,” Tischler told me. “When I found out I was getting arrested I was going to turn myself in with my lawyer the next day, but they could wait and came and got me,” Tischer said. “I got mistreated, but I am more concerned about my duties to feed the poor right now,” he said.

Tischler had to stop the interview for a few minute to talk to someone about the fines and fees of building regulations. “I help people get through the court systems with these building fees,” he said. We went back to the interview. Tischler said he has great experience as an advocate for people who are fined, having build a great reputation with the people of his district.

“That is why I am running for office. I want to help the Mayor understand how what he does with these fines and fees hurts the people. Look at how much money his wife has lost. Why are we getting fined so much?” Tischler said.

“My message to de Blasio is that I will offer to help him clean up the city and talk to the people, for free. I will help him make this right with the people, for free. If he doesn’t think I am doing a good job, he can fire me,” Tischler told me.

The is the event that was called a “Riot” :

The New York Post carried the story of Tischler’s arrest:

The testimony came from Jacob Kornbluh, the far left journalist, who posted this, yet admitted on video that he suffered no injury, to the reporter questioning him said, “I didn’t have any physical injuries,” Kornbluh said.

Kornbluh has been determined to have Tischler reigned in on his anti-lock down activism for months, leading de Blasio to shut down Jewish centers.

From the New York Post:

City Council candidate Heshy Tischler was arrested Sunday night in connection to the assault of an Orthodox journalist in Borough Park last week, police said.

Tischler, who is also Orthodox, was taken into custody at his house in Borough Park and charged with unlawful imprisonment and inciting a riot, according to police.

Videos posted to social media show Tischler being escorted by police into a dark minivan as dozens of people look on.

Tischler last Friday indicated he would be turning himself into police on Monday morning after he appeared to egg on an unruly mob of protesters who attacked Jacob Kornbluh, a reporter for Jewish Insider.

The firebrand complained on camera Sunday night at the timing of his arrest, saying he was “tricked.”

“I called, I even spoke to the chief. They tricked me. They’re telling everybody that I was supposed to be arrested tomorrow,” Tischler said on a video posted to Twitter by Yaakov Pollak.”

This article is Part 2 of a series, part 1 at this link, about Tischler and his battle with Mayor Bill de Blasio over concerns of Jews in New York City.

Tischler has had personal conflicts with Kornbluth, who wanted charges against Tischler for representing Jewish supporters of Trump, upset about the closure of their synagogues on a Jewish holiday of Sukkot. At that event, a far-left reporter and agitator was chased down by Jewish participants, after starting a fight, and demanded that the Tischler be prosecuted for leading the “riot”.

Tichler has had numerous interactions with Kornbluh, and the two disagree on drastic shutdown measures in the Jewish Community.

Tischler is a determined Trump supporter, and active Community Organizer against the shutdown orders, having gone to court and beaten de Blasio already.

Tischler told me that he was arrested, he was mistreated while in Jail where he stayed for almost 24 hours. He was forced to be in crowded cells of “12-14” people who have various charges against them of battery and petty theft. Tischler said the prison was filthy and crowed, showing an utter lack of concern for COVID 19 restrictions.

“Why are the public parks and Synagogues closed down when these prisons so dirty? Were they trying to force me to get COVID? If they were worried about COVID transmission would they not clean the cells?” Tischler said.

Tischler faces two charges, and has a court date for April, one charge for starting a “riot” and yet- riots are happening with destruction, and there is nothing from de Blasio. He should take Tischler’s help.

Perhaps the real reason a candidate for City Council happened, is because he is a supporter of President Donald J. Trump?

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