Posted: October 15, 2020
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Man charged with firing gun before Kyle Rittenhouse

A Wisconsin man and his wife have admitted that he fired off a “warning shot” just before Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed a rioter in Kenosha last August.

Rittenhouse’s attorney said this information was a “pivotal moment” in the shootings because Rittenhouse had no idea who fired the round but knew that a mob was chasing him aggressively and felt that he had no way out other than to shoot.

Video show Rittenhouse with a loaded AR-15 being chased by a crowd. If he had the intention to shoot people, he very well could have done so. But clearly he was trying to avoid shooting anyone at all costs until it became what appeared to be a life and death situation for Rittenhouse.

Joshua Ziminski, 35, and his wife admitted that he fired the warning shot, per investigations documents obtained by the New York Post.

Rittenhouse’s attorneys released a video explaining in detail the pagination of the shooting and how other rounds being fired by other shooters supports Rittenhouse’s defense, given that he knew that the other gun shots made the sitation far more dangerous and thus more aggressive defense was merited.

On August 25, Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people, killing two of them, after being chased by a mob and aggressively attacked at points.

Rittenhouse’s first shot was fired after another man, who we now know to be Joshua Ziminski, fired a shot near Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse shot a man, Joseph Rosenbaum, after he aggressively lunged at Rittenhouse from behind nearly pinning him between parked cars. Rittenhouse was then chased down by the mob at which point he fell in the street and was attacked by multiple people including Anthony Huber, 26, who threw his skateboard at Rittenhouse’s head. Rittenhouse, still on the ground, fired one shot at Huber killing him.

Another aggressor, Gaige Grosskreutz, 26, had a handgun while running towards Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse shot Grosskreuetz in the arm.

Rittenhouse is from Illinois but ventured to Wisconsin to assist with providing safety for business owners. A trained EMT, Rittenhouse said he was there to render aid to those hurt in the riots.

Rittenhouse has been charged with first-degree murder, among other charges. His attorneys say he was acting in self-defense.

The same investigators who charged Ziminski with discharged a warning shot are the same investigators working the shootings by Rittenhouse.

Earlier this week, Lake County, Illinois officials said that Rittenhouse would not be charged in the state of Illinois after a thorough investigation revealed that Rittenhouse had committed no crime in Illinois. Wisconsin, however, is trying to get Rittenhouse extradited from Illinois and the charges are still pending in that state.

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