Twitter locking out McEnany is all about the election

Posted by on October 16, 2020 3:03 pm

This is all about the election. Trust me.

You’ve probably seen in the news the immense censorship coming out of Twitter. It’s not terribly new, as Facebook and Twitter have been known to ban accounts, take down Tweets, and throw people in “Facebook Jail” for posting conservative content.

My own brother has been put in social media jail for posting his opinion, a friend of mine’s account was deleted for her content, and others I know have also faced similar “punishments” for being conservative.

However, recently, things have heated up in the social media world. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was locked out of Twitter for sharing an article by New York Post exposing information about Hunter Biden. But not information about who he’s dating, or his latest diet. No, they exposed information about the infamous, never proven,  Ukraine scandal. 

There’s so much circulating as to what happened, it’s constantly getting changed and updated, and added with the mainstream media’s refusal to be honest and not biased, it’s hard to know just what initially happened, so I’ll give you the rundown. 

Emails surfaced that allegedly prove that Hunter Biden did indeed have contact with a Ukraine Natural gas firm. The emails are in the process of being validated for realness. According to the emails, Joe Biden was also involved in these conversations, something that doesn’t exactly fly for a Vice President. Especially when he’s adamantly denied the accusations.

But now, there appears to be proof. 

The New York Times got ahold of the emails and told the world about them, and rightly so. McEnany shared the article, and Twitter locked her out of her account for sharing “hacked materials.” Translation: Twitter doesn’t want anything bad about Biden posted that will hurt his chances of winning a Senate seat, I mean Presidency. (Someone just needs to tell Biden he’s running for president, he seems a bit confused). 

If you don’t think this is all about the election, you need to pay more attention to the news. It most certainly is. 

It’s no surprise that this was rushed to be covered up. The Biden/Harris ticket continually goes after Trump for not being honest with the American people about COVID when it first started, yet every other word that comes out of their mouths is a lie. Biden said Americans don’t deserve to know if he’ll pack the court. He’s shown he won’t be a transparent and honest president. This Twitter coverup is no different. 

Anytime something bad comes out against the Democrats, social media shuts down the person sharing the information. Whether it’s locking the account or banning them from Facebook for a certain amount of time, social media is becoming more like socialist media. If you Disagree with a Democrat or dare to call them out for dishonesty or wrongdoing, you can pretty much expect to be censored.

Facebook and Twitter have recently pushed to fight fake news. Yet, they censor anything their owners disagree with. What’s really funny is the fact that this censorship is blowing up in their faces.

If something did happen with Ukraine and the Biden family, America deserves to know. Joe Biden could be the next president of the United States after all. Because of this, people are getting pretty stirred up at the cover-up. All that Twitter did is further expose their own biased censorship, and further spread news of the Hunter Biden emails.

More people now know about those alleged emails than would have from McEnany’s tweet alone, despite her over five million followers. The Democrats and radical left will do anything to win this election including lie and cheat. Social media platforms are just another tool in their arsenal.

I’m a firm believer that the truth wins in the end. Twitter may have thought that they were doing the Biden campaign some sort of favor, but in reality, they may play a role in their downfall

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