Report: ABC Was Just Caught In ‘Rigging’ Joey B’s ‘Town Hall’ Substituting Alleged ‘Uncommitted Voters’ With Democrat Operatives [Opinion]

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Americans tuning in to ABC town halls for a legitimate examination of the presidential candidates have been treated, instead, to partisan left wing activism.  

In September they witnessed George Stephanopoulos’ left wing hit job on President Trump.  

This past Thursday Stephanopoulos couldn’t have been any gentler with Joe Biden… a candidate whose mental capacity appears to be slipping and who voters deserve to see put through rigorous questioning.

ABC has seems to have been caught putting its thumb on the scales during a town hall with presidential candidate Joe Biden… again.

First, some background.

In September, following an ‘alleged’ town hall with President Trump, The Washington Free Beacon identified multiple voters who ABC News had characterized as undecided but who were really long time, vocal critics of the president.

(The Washington Free Beacon) …While the network claimed its Tuesday town hall “provided uncommitted voters the opportunity to ask the president questions about issues affecting Americans,” a Washington Free Beacon review of social media posts found that two of the questioners have long denounced Trump.

Kutztown University professor Ellesia Blaque—whom ABC repeatedly identified as “uncommitted” in its coverage of the town hall—praised vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris during the Democratic primary, saying she would “be there, volunteering” for the California senator in Pennsylvania. The English professor was not shy about her partisanship, calling Trump a “f—ing moron,” “pathetic,” “pig,” “swine,” “punk ass,” and “LOOSER” (sic) in a slew of 2019 tweets. She is a self-described “liberal Democrat,” according to her Facebook profile…

Another “uncommitted” voter, Philadelphia pastor Carl Day, tweeted that he’s “never once supported trump and won’t now” in August, just weeks before the ABC town hall. He went on to say that Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan refers to a time in which “the n— did what they were told in all industries, wouldn’t have the audacity to try to enter a white establishment and didn’t talk back to the cops.” Day also referred to Trump as a “villain,” called him “ridiculously arrogant & obnoxious,” and said he “ain’t no Christian” in posts spanning from 2015 to 2019.

Any excuse that ABC News had simply done a poor job of vetting audience members, and who would get to ask questions of the president, before the Trump town hall began is no longer believable after ABC again stacked the audience with lefitst partisans.

(Fox News) ABC is keeping silent amid growing criticism of its town hall with Joe Biden after two of the attendees who asked the Democratic nominee questions were identified as an Obama speechwriter and the wife of a prominent Pennsylvania Democrat. (go deep)

This is where we remind you that ‘moderator’ Stephanopoulos previously served as the Clinton White House’s communications director.  He’s spent a good portion of his career since then at ABC alibiing for, and protecting Slick Willie’s corrupt wife… Hillary Clinton.

So naturally, it comes as no surprise that Stephanopoulos completely sidestepped asking candidate Biden about the explosive revelations contained in a blockbuster expose that the New York Post broke earlier that day.

According to the New York Post who broke the story, Hunt*r Biden’s emails allegedly tie the former vice president to a multitude of corrupt relationships where millions of dollars exchanged hands to gain access to the elder Biden.

IMHO, it appears that Stephanopoulos was acting on orders, or at the very least selfish motivation to prop Biden up…

Nearly the entire media complex… the New York times, The Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, as well as social media giants Facebook and Twitter dropped an immediate cone of silence, a complete news blackout that included deplatforming anyone who dared share the Post’s article.


It’s worth noting that the emails are yet to be verified by a 3rd party, however, the Biden camp is not denying their authenticity.  The claims made by Charlie Kirk and Donald Trump Jr. are their words, not ours.  However, if the text messages prove to be real, there sure seems to be some damning evidence in them.

The once venerated Fourth Estate has become a Fifth Column since the consolidation of its once diverse ownership into 6 multinational corporations.

Grab some popcorn, because the show has just begun … If you think 2016 and it’s email leaks were something, you are about to be blown away.

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