As Trump Ramps Up Campaign Stops Full Steam Ahead Sleepy Joe Biden Retreats Back to His Basement

Posted by on October 18, 2020 9:03 pm

As President Donald Trump launched into campaign marathon mode, Sleepy Joe Biden went back to his basement to rest and recuperate from a day of answering softball questions.

Coming down to the home stretch with only 15 days until Election Day, as the furor over the New York Post’s revelations of Joe’s son Hunter Biden’s corrupt foreign business schemes, and as the second debate between the president and Sleepy Joe this week, Biden went back to his Delaware home base and the safety and comfort of his basement, without scheduling a single public event.

Left wing pollsters, media, and social media can do everything they can make Joe appear to be a vibrant 77 year old who is ready and able to do the most demanding job in the world, but retreating home like this is like a campaign boost for Trump.  People notice things like this.  Americans always like to elect the alpha male, and no one has ever accused Joe Biden of being an alpha.

In the real world, Trump got his supporters excited on Saturday with back-to-back rallies in two crucial battleground states, with more of the exciting  gatherings set to take place Sunday and a full schedule of appearances this week that will have him bouncing across the country.

The difference between both campaigns could be more pronounced with Trump doing four super rallies inside four key battleground states, while Biden will hold one small event, a parade of cars, planned to take place Sunday afternoon in North Carolina.  Yeah, that’ll excite the Democrats.  Oh boy.

“We’ve done everything we said, and more,” Trump told the crowd of cheering supporters at Muskegon County Airport in Muskegon, Michigan, one of the Democratic strongholds he won by a fraction of a percentage point in 2016.  Part of the Rust Belt, Michigan workers know what Trump accomplished for them prior to the Chinese virus taking the country by storm to allow totalitarian governors like Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer to take draconian measures of enforced lockdowns all in an effort to destroy the economy so that the Democrats can blame the president.

“But Sleepy Joe has made a corrupt bargain: he has handed his party over to the hardcore militant left,” he said. “They crave power, and God help us if they ever did get it.”

Trump invoked The Post’s recent reports on Hunter Biden’s business dealings several times, and subsequent allegations that Joe Biden himself may have profited from them.

“They found his laptop, can you believe this guy?” Trump asked. “Now I call him the vacuum cleaner. His father goes into a country, he’s right behind him saying ‘give me cash,’” Trump said. “Talk about quid pro quo.”

“Nothing to see here” says the mainstream news media, “es ist verboten!” shouts Twitter and Facebook.

“Joe Biden is a corrupt politician and the Biden family is a criminal enterprise,” Trump said. “He makes Hillary Clinton look like amateur hour.”

After the 90-minute speech, he left Michigan for a second rally in Janesville, Wisconsin.  Can you even imagine Joe Biden standing up before a crowd to give a 90-minute rally speech?

Both Rust Belt states were taken for granted by the Democrats in 2016 and that longtime “blue wall” crumbled for Trump in the last presidential election, and the Biden campaign is trying to bring it back.  Except nobody gets excited when Joe talks.  It’s like the Democrats who do support Biden are only there for what special gifting the Democrats will throw at them, while Trump promises to make their lives better by getting the government off their backs.

Biden made one of his very few appearances in Michigan on Friday.  Since just August, Trump has made 37 appearances in 15 states, and that’s even with losing 10 days to recover from catching the Chinese virus.  At the same time, Biden made only 20 appearances since Labor Day, and each one has seen at most a few dozens people show up.  While Trump is filling stadiums, Biden can’t fill a beer hall without handing out free beer.

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