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Trump Releases Devastating New Ad Highlighting Biden’s Deep Ties to Communist China

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President Trump is slamming his opponent, Joe Biden, in a devastating new campaign ad highlighting the deep ties to Communist China that have enriched both the former Vice President and his family alike.

Capitalizing on recent reports of multi-million dollar Biden family business deals with Chinese state-backed banks and corporations, and tying it all in to Joe Biden’s 47-year political career and terms as Vice President, President Trump summed the ad up in one short sentence, telling Facebook users “Joe Biden will stand up for China, but not us.”

“An ABC News investigation this morning into Joe Biden’s son Hunter and questions about money he made from foreign business dealings while his father was Vice President…And did Joe Biden allow it? We’re talking about millions of dollars in at least two countries,” the ad opens with saying, using audio and video clips from several mainstream news outlets, including footage of Hunter Biden accompanying his father on a state visit to China.

Watch the Trump Campaign’s new video:

“Less than two weeks after that trip, BHR Partners was launched, a private equity firm funded in-part by Chinese banks,” the ad continues, before cutting to a clip of Joe Biden telling reporters that his son’s involvement with the company was a “mistake.”


“I don’t know what he was doing, I know he was on the board,” Joe Biden then says of Hunter’s time at BHR Partners, who received over $1.5 billion from the Chinese Communist government.

After drilling down on some of the Bidens’ involvement with shady Chinese companies, the ad uses leading Democrats own words against them, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can be seen isisting that “China would prefer Joe Biden” as President of the United States, joined by several clips from recent news segments.

“China’s a great nation, and we should hope for their continued expansion…The growth of China is overwhelmingly in our interest…and there’s much more to come,” Joe Biden can then be heard saying, accompanied by a graphic reading “with Joe Biden China is in charge.”

As the ad closes, viewers hear from an American worker left jobless by outsourcing to China, which Joe Biden has supported throughout his career, as he says “and now the steel mill ain’t even there.”