Posted: October 20, 2020
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Google Employee Admits Bias Against Trump to Project Veritas, VIDEO

James O’Keefe is the founder of Project Veritas who makes undercover films of people to expose government and media corruption. In the following video, a reporter for Project Veritas captured video of an employee of Google and Fitbit talking about how Big tech is biased against President Donald J. Trump and how he is unhappy at his job.

O’Keefe posted his summary of the video,” BREAKING: @Google Program Manager Confirms Election Interference In Favor of @JoeBiden Search “skewed by owners and drivers of the algorithm” “Plain and simple trying to play god” “If Trump wins, there will be riots…if the left wins, they will be ecstatic”


“You go to search and you type in like “Donald trump” and it like all negative,” Ritesh Lakhar, Technical program manager Cou Google.

“yeah,” Patrick Markan, Staff Lead and Mechanical Engineer at Fitbit.

“and then when you go to type in “Joe Biden” it is all positive, Lakhar said.

It’s skewed by the owners or the drivers of the algorithm, right? Lakhar said.

“Like so if I say Hey Google here’s another two Billion Dollars feed this data set of whenever Joe Biden is searched, you will get these results,” Lakhar said.

Veritas Reporter said, “It seems like they (google) favor the Democrats.”

“Because we are in America,” Lakhar said. “If Trump wins, there will be riots and if the left wins they be ecstatic,” he said.

O’ Keefe said, “this guy Lakar is telling our journalist the truth about the company he has worked at for years, but with the Presidential election just days away he is calling out his own friends in Big Tech.”

“I disagree with tech corporations playing God and taking away the freedom of speech on both sides, basically. So I am like you’re playing selective God. Like if was fraud it doesn’t matter, but for Trump or Melania, it matters,” Lakhar said.

And on the other side, Trump says something misinformation, you’re gonna delete that because it is illegal under whatever pretext. And if a Democrat leader says that, then you’re gonna leave it like that. So I am like ok. You are not following one way or the other. You are just plain and simple trying to play God. When Trump won the first time people were crying in the corridors of Google. There were protests there were marchers, there were like, I guess group therapy sessions for employees organized by HR. I can’t keep doing this. Go and teach Chinese people how to do American jobs and come back and get surveilled o the way.

The Veritas Journalist said, “were you doing that for Google”?

“Google, Fitbit. Yeah. Those two companies, primarily. Morally and ethically I disagree. So, I guess that is one of the reasons I feel suffocated. I feel suffocated at Google,” Lakhar said.


Less than 20 mins. after releasing the video, O’Keefe reported having technical problems.

“Tons of users reporting issues with viewing the recent #ExposeGoogle bombshell that shows election interference in favor of @JoeBiden Are you able to see the video? Or is @Twitter playing defense for their Silicon Valley friend?,” O’Keefe posted.

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