Video: Rudy Giuliani Says That New Documents Will Show Financial Crimes and Personal Crimes by Biden Family To Be Released Tomorrow

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We have all heard the rumors about just what it is that Rudy Giuliani has on the now infamous Hunt*r B*den laptop hard drive.  The rumors range from Hunt*r selling access to his father and his job as VP to other, way more personal, and heinous crimes.

At this point, most of the information floating around out there is innuendo and rumor. Rudy has launched some damning emails and so has the New York Post, as well as Breitbart and others.  Bannon has said that ‘everything’ was going to come out and that he and Rudy had spread the information around to media outlets to ensure it all comes out.

I for one, can not wait to see what Hunter was dumb enough to keep on his laptop.   There people are well aware that nearly every piece of electronic information is captured and cataloged these days.  Why on Earth would they be so dumb as to commit the crimes they are alleged of, and keep the evidence lying around … never mind dropping it off at some random repair shop and abandoning it.

[Opinion]  Rudy Giuliani has just delivered a bombshell. He says he is releasing emails on Wednesday which will implicate the Biden family as having committed financial crimes. If this is true, and the information gets out to the American people, it could end the Biden candidacy. The Democratic leadership won’t care. But, they figure if they help him through this they will have a direct pipeline to the White House.

Giuliani has a long history of fighting crime. Rudy cleaned up the streets of New York. He took on the mafia and won.  All this despite the allegations that La Cosa Nostra had a contract on Rudy’s head.

Now, he has allegedly valuable emails belonging to Hunter Biden. He has already dropped a few bombs that have chased Joe Biden into hiding. This is huge because it will come one day before the final debate and Trump will find some way to bring the subject up.

On Tuesday morning Rudy Giuliani told Steve Bannon on The War Room that he would be releasing some devastating evidence of financial crimes … and other, non-non-financal committed by the Bidens.  There has been a lot of speculation that the other crimes are sexual in nature and some even allege they involve children.  It is important to note that no evidence to this effect has been released.

If Rudy and other do have smoking gun evidence of treason, quid pro quo for personal benefit or child s*x crimes, the entire election could up in the air, up and down the ticket.

Here is a partial transcript from the program:

This excerpt is from the interview this morning on Steve Bannon’s War Room.:

Steve Bannon: In the next 24-48 hours are you going to bring forward potential other information related to non-financial criminal activity?

Rudy Giuliani: We’re going to do both. There will be more financial criminal activity, more proof on the subjects we already have and even bigger deals that are eye-popping. And some personal conduct that has to be brought to the attention of the public to make sure people are safe, and that has to be handled appropriately before it can be discussed.

Steve Bannon: Do you believe that personal activity is criminal?

Rudy Giuliani: I have no doubt it is. All you have to do is look at it and figure that is true.

Steve Bannon: I take it people will want to watch Maria Bartiromo tomorrow?

I’ll be tuned in for Maria Bartiromo tomorrow, will you?

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