AMERICA FIRST? The New York Times Admits They Believe China’s Point of View is Equal to America’s with Their Trump Tax Story

Posted by on October 21, 2020 9:03 pm

The New York Times admits that they are guided in principle by believing that the point of view of the Chinese Communist Party is at least equal to, and sometimes superior to, that of the American public’s point of view, by covering a story in opposition to President Donald J. Trump a little less than two weeks away from what should be the end of the 2020 Presidential Election.

The NYT obtained information about Trump’s taxes illegally and have been reporting on what they claim is in Trump’s Tax documents. The point is not missed on Trump supporters, that the alleged tax information was stolen, and also cleared for publication and promotion, but that information about Biden that has been verified and is legal, was blocked by the same big Tech leaders.

So the NYT found a bank account in China. That is their story.

The New York Times published a story that was promoted by Twitter, on Wednesday which showed that Trump’s actions was not really that much of issue, but gave them a bombastic title to pass around on Social Media to discredit Trump’s re-election efforts.

This attempt to discredit Trump comes at a time when Biden faces questions about hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly billions of dollars, in direct payments from the Chinese Communist Party that are possibly being exposed in his son Hunter Biden’s emails.

The article would only be powerful to people who believe that the Chinese Communist Party is ethically and morally on the same level with America. In the article, the author has to admit that there is a perfect explanation for the little bank account, and wrote:

The Chinese account is controlled by Trump International Hotels Management L.L.C., which the tax records show paid $188,561 in taxes in China while pursuing licensing deals there from 2013 to 2015.

The tax records do not include details on how much money may have passed through the overseas accounts, though the Internal Revenue Service does require filers to report the portion of their income derived from other countries. The British and Irish accounts are held by companies that operate Mr. Trump’s golf courses in Scotland and Ireland, which regularly report millions of dollars in revenue from those countries. Trump International Hotels Management reported just a few thousand dollars from China.

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In response to questions from The Times, Alan Garten, a lawyer for the Trump Organization, said the company had “opened an account with a Chinese bank having offices in the United States in order to pay the local taxes” associated with efforts to do business there. He said the company had opened the account after establishing an office in China “to explore the potential for hotel deals in Asia.”

“No deals, transactions or other business activities ever materialized and, since 2015, the office has remained inactive,” Mr. Garten said. “Though the bank account remains open, it has never been used for any other purpose


Here is CNN pushing NYT’s propaganda:

” President Trump’s tax records show he’s pursued expansive business projects in China for years and even maintains a Chinese bank account, NYT reports, disclosures that deal a blow to the President’s efforts to paint Joe Biden as the one who’s soft on China”

And the AP is not far behind:

Event the New York Times, in their article, has to admit the have nothing at all. Their story continues- and pay attention to the explanation for the tiny bank account, ask yourself if it make sense:

“In 2008, Mr. Trump pursued an office tower project in Guangzhou that never got off the ground. But his efforts accelerated in 2012 with the opening of a Shanghai office, and tax records show that one of Mr. Trump’s China-related companies, THC China Development L.L.C., claimed $84,000 in deductions that year for travel costs, legal fees and office expenses.

After effectively planting his flag there, Mr. Trump found a partner in the State Grid Corporation, one of the nation’s largest government-controlled enterprises. Agence France-Presse reported in 2016 that the partnership would have involved licensing and managing a development in Beijing. Mr. Trump was reportedly still pursuing the deal months into his first presidential campaign, but it was abandoned after State Grid became ensnared in a corruption investigation by Chinese authorities.

It is difficult to determine from the tax records precisely how much money Mr. Trump has spent trying to land business in China. The records show that he has invested at least $192,000 in five small companies created specifically to pursue projects there over the years. Those companies claimed at least $97,400 in business expenses since 2010, including some minor payments for taxes and accounting fees as recently as 2018.”

In other words, they just wanted a headline to pass around, because it looks good on Social Media, where they are allowed to do whatever they want.

Will the US Press/Media be held accountable for posting these attempts to discredit Trump, for no reason other than to help the Democrat party, and how is the New York Times one giant “in kind donation” to the Democrat party?

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