Posted: October 22, 2020
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Biden Insider Provides Explosive Documents to Senate Investigators. Including Text: ‘Don’t Mention Joe Biden Being Involved, Only When You Are Face to Face”

It appears that what we have all long suspected is being proven true as I type.  Let’s insert the disclaimer that none of these documents have been proven to be true in a court of law.  Don’t be surprised, but the MSM is not covering them, other than Fox News … the outlet who is breaking them.  I don’t expect them to cover them, until perhaps the moment comes, if it comes, where Biden is announced the winner of the election.

If Biden does win, I expect the media to use all this information to force Biden out and install, by default, Kamala Harris will become the first female president, a ‘woman of color.’  It does not matter to the left that the entire process would have been a fraud or that Kamala has no accomplishments to speak of, at least none that jive with the left’s radical anti cop agenda.  The establishment will have their puppet with the right plumbing and skin tone and they will be able to go back to fleecing the American people.

It is our job to spread this information because the so called ‘4th estate’ has failed us and will continue to fail us until they see the republic burnt to the ground and a Chinee flag planted in it’s ashes.

[Opinion]  According to multiple news outlets, former whistleblower Tony Bobulinski has provided some devastating documents concerning the Biden family, to U.S. Senate investigators from the Senate Homeland Security and Senate Finance Committees.

Bobulinski, the recipient of one of the emails retrieved from Hunter Biden’s laptop, went public on Wednesday night with a statement saying he confirms its authenticity and detailed how former Vice President Joe Biden — the Democrat nominee for president in this year’s election, which is just over 10 days away — was personally involved in many dealings with his son’s business associates.

Included were text messages, emails, and other documents illustrating a larger picture of possible bribery, quid pro quo, and national security risks from the Biden family’s business dealings, with some indicating that Joe Biden may have been behind all of it.

A May 2017 text message obtained by Fox News reveals Tony Bobulinski was warned by his business partner James Gilliar not to mention Joe Biden was involved.

Tony Bobulinski was brought into Sinohawk Holdings to be CEO by James Gilliar and Hunter Biden — James Gilliar made sure to warn Bobulinski never to mention Joe Biden being involved because they were paranoid.

“Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face,” Biden family associate James Gilliar—the head of J2cR—says in one WhatsApp text message that Bobulinski provided to the Senate committees. “I know u know that but they are paranoid.”

Another tweet from Fox New Reporter Mike Emanuel shows text messages that reveal details about the negotiations between Chinese officials and the Biden family. In one 2017 text message, Hunter Biden himself says that a Chinese investor intended to become partners with him in order to “be partners with the Bidens.”

Wow, this data dump is devastating to the Biden’s and IF all corroborated, would at the least help President Trump get re-elected, and even worse for the Biden’s could put them all in jail.

Only time will tell, will we the people see justice for once?

While it is great that this information is in the hands of the Senate, does anyone really think they are going to do anything about it?  do you think Joe just started his corruption tour when he became VP?  In my opinion, the vast majority of the Senate is compromise and corrupt.  I am not holding my breath that anything official comes out of this.  There is one place where we have a chance to hold Biden accountable … and that is the ballot box.

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