Chinese Communist Fanboy, LeBron James Takes Shot at Trump While POTUS Whoops Joe’s Ass During Presidential Debate [Opinion]

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LeBron James, gets really pissed when people criticize the totalitarian Chinese communist party, which, according to R.J. Rummel and, ‘Since 1949 the Chinese communists killed from 5,999,000 to 102,671,000 people; a prudent estimate is 35,236,000. When added to the number they murdered in previous years, the communists likely killed 38,702,000 Chinese, Tibetans, and other minorities.’ 

When the media in the US was actually covering the protests in Hong Kong, a NBA GM had the courage to tweet out his support for the protesters fighting against the Chinese regime.  Well, China must have come down on the NBA like a ton of bricks because the GM, rescinded his support.

Even CNN ran the article : ‘LeBron James says NBA exec was ‘misinformed’ in his tweet supporting Hong Kong protests’

‘LeBron James has long spoken out on social justice issues, such as in his advocacy for the Black Lives Matter movement, his criticism of President Trump as a “bum” and his push to be “more than an athlete.”

But on Monday night, the vocal NBA star sided with silence as he criticized Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey as “misinformed” over Morey’s tweet supporting Hong Kong protesters.

“I just think that when you’re misinformed or you’re not educated about something — and I’m just talking about the tweet itself — you never know the ramifications that can happen. We all see what that did — not only for our league but for all of us in America, for people in China as well,” he told reporters on Monday.

James’ comments threatened to undermine his reputation as perhaps the foremost social justice advocate in popular culture.’

At the time LeBron tweeted

Let me translate that for you: ‘I don’t care who dies or is tortured, or put in forced labor camps, don’t say s***, I’m tryin to get that next billion dollars.’

So let us keep these comments in context.  The criticism of Trump comes from someone who, very much like Joe Biden, defends Chinese communists (my best guess is because of their financial ties to them) but thinks America is a no good, rotten, unjust place.   That is why, what James tweeted during Trump’s complete and total destruction of Biden during the last debate was particularly ironic.

Fox News explained, ‘LeBron James may not want to go tit-for-tat with Donald Trump, but he had no problem taking a shot at the president during the debate for Democrat presidential challenger Joe Biden on Thursday night.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar posted a photo of Trump and Biden debating and put a clown emoji over the president’s face. He implored his followers to vote and plugged his More Than a Vote campaign.’

He made clear earlier in the week that he wasn’t going to get into a back-and-forth with the president any time soon.

James, who indirectly referred to Trump as “u bum” in a 2017 tweet when the president disinvited the Golden State Warriors to the White House, told The New York Times on Wednesday he wouldn’t entertain a back-and-forth with him.

The four-time NBA champion, who won his latest with the Lakers, was asked how he defined success during the 2020 general election and whether a measure of success would be Trump’s defeat.’

I think I have an idea why LeBron is more than happy to tweet out emoji’s at President Trump, but does not want to get into a ‘back and forth’ with him.  I have a feeling that it may have something to do with the possibility that ‘King James,’ as the sport balls player called himself, is one of the people he was referring to in this clip:

‘I don’t think a lot of people was educated.’ LeBron once said when asked why Trump won the 2016 election.  Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone has accidentally made a point as well as James did in this clip above.

The reason Mr. James is sore is likely because Trump explained why he thought the NBA’s rating were in the crapper this year, despite the league’s most hyped team and player winning the big game.  Wikipedia explains ‘For the 2020 NBA Finals, the ratings dropped to a historic low, with one of the games drawing only 5.9 million viewers.[6] The average viewers figure over 6 games was 7.5 million, which is a 51% decline from the previous year and a 67% decline from 2018.’ 

President Trump suggested the decline in viewership was due to the political activism, and especially what is widely seen as disrespect for the American flag, during games.  I have to be honest, I would never watch the NBA, but I would turn a football game on a Sunday in the past, but after the league adopted such a leftist stance, I have no interest in helping fund their efforts.

Sure these guys are entitled to their opinions, but I’m entitled to not suffer through them.  If I wanted to hear what filthy rich, out of touch, silver spoon born idiots thought about politics I would turn on CNN.

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