Leaked Documents Reveal How Hunt*r’s Associates Helped Chinese Military Contractor Acquire US Dual-Use Manufacturer

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I think the moment that we have all been waiting for is finally here.  The one and only, Peter Schweizer and his partner in crime busting, Seamus Bruner have found, what appears to me to be, a huge red flag involving the Biden family business dealing with the Chinese Military Industrial Complex.

It is not just that Hunter’s company was working with a Chinese military contractor, they helped them buy up an AMERICAN manufacturing company in Michigan for $600,000,000 … and the Obama/Biden administration approved the sale.  Can we stop pretending that Joe didn’t know about any of this?

It would be bad enough if the vice president’s son was helping our adversary’s military, but helping them aquire an AMERICAN company?  How can we possibly trust this family in the Oval Ofice?

PETER SCHWEIZER and SEAMUS BRUNER of Breitbart reported: ‘In September 2015, the Obama-Biden administration approved the sale of a strategically sensitive Michigan manufacturer, Henniges Automotive, to a firm connected to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and a Chinese military contractor that was on an American watch list because of its close ties to the People’s Liberation Army. Hunter Biden’s equity fund, backed by the Communist Chinese government, and the Chinese contractor, Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC), needed special approval for the deal from the Committee of Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CIFIUS) because Henniges produced technology with potential military use.

AVIC entities have been sanctioned by the United States on five separate occasions since 1993 and the addition to the watch list–a major red flag—occurred less than a year-and-a-half before they co-purchased Henniges with Hunter Biden’s BHR. The fact that CFIUS approved the deal is alarming given that Henniges owns numerous facilities in the United States that are now controlled by a Chinese military front company.

Internal BHR documents show exactly how the Chinese military contractor was able to disguise its ownership via shell corporations and formed a joint-venture with the son of the vice president to facilitate the Chinese takeover of an American dual-use technology supplier. Additional documents suggest that Hunter Biden’s Chinese-backed venture funneled money to an entity controlled by Vanessa Kerry, the daughter of then-Secretary of State John Kerry, just one month before CFIUS approved the takeover. At the time, Secretary Kerry played a lead role on the Obama-Biden CFIUS committee.

When news of the AVIC takeover of Michigan-based manufacturer Henniges Automotive hit the wire, Biden’s associates celebrated, calling the transaction a “proof of concept” for future Chinese acquisitions. “Congratulations!!!! Proof of concept again,” read the subject line of Devon Archer’s email on September 15, 2015. “This is great. Let’s get a letter out to Ambassador Baucus ASAP Archie (an apparent Archer nickname),” Bevan Cooney replied. Cooney is a former Biden associate who is now incarcerated for a separate venture—the tribal bond scheme—involving Biden’s business partners. [Should we explain that “Archie” is Devon Archer?] Cooney has provided investigative journalists Peter Schweizer and Matthew Tyrmand with access to his emails with written authorization.

Cooney’s emails (and their attachments) reveal how the Biden-led Chinese joint venture known as Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) viewed the Henniges acquisition—which they code named “Project Hanson”—as a major coup and a model for future BHR “cross-border” investments.

Moments after the deal closed, Archer set to work drafting a letter to U.S. Ambassador to China Max Baucus (who happened to be a longtime friend of the Biden family). Archer’s letter was an invitation to Ambassador Baucus to attend a banquet celebration for the deal with esteemed guest including BHR’s communist state-owned “strategic partners” and investors:

I am writing to invite you to a cross-border banquet to celebrate our acquisition of Henniges Automotive. We consummated the transaction earlier this month, in conjunction with our strategic partner, AVIC, for $600 million. I have also attached a news article about the transaction.

This milestone marks our first U.S.-based acquisition. Our strategic partners, including AVIC and Sinopec, will be in attendance, as will our investors, including the Bank of China and China Development Bank. We hope to discuss the opportunities and challenges of cross-border investments for Chinese companies in today’s macro environment. A member of our team has also extended an invitation to your economics advisor – Jonathan Fritz – to speak at the seminar.

You can read the rest of the report at Breitbart.com. PETER SCHWEIZER and SEAMUS BRUNER deserve all the credit in the world for having the stones to bring this information out into the public, while the establishment media incinerates their last shred of credibility trying to cover for Joey B.  What a shame.

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