Video: Trump Landed a The Ultimate Knockout Punch in Final Debate When He Asked Joe Biden ‘Who Built The Cages, Joe?’

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It must be tough, beyond tough, to run a campaign when the guy you are running against has the entire MSM (excluding a handful of people) working as his surrogates, putting out fires, covering up bombshell stories and lobbing up softball questions.

Never the less, Trump marches on, doing all he can to expose the truth to the American people.  By the way, I owe Kristen Welker, the moderator from last night’s debate an apology.  I thought she was going to be as biased as the previous ‘moderators’ but she did a pretty good job.  So, Kristen, I apologize, you were pretty fair last night, the American people appreciate that.  The American people … except the Bidens …

[Opinion]  It seemed during Thursday night’s final presidential debate that the moderator did her research for all topics that hurt Donald Trump.  That’s okay, because that’s how it is in today’s left-wing biased mainstream media.

There were server things that Trump got Biden to say that probably hurt Biden with either or both sides of his base, the radical progressive wing run by Bernie Sanders, AOC, and others, and the less crazy moderate Democrats who have fallen for Joe Biden’s persona of being a nice guy.  For example, when Biden blurted out that he never once said that he was going to ban fracking and that Trump was lying about it, you could sense millions of Americans cringing, because that Biden lie was incredibly easy to debunk.

When he said, President Trump responded by reminding Biden that he was on tape saying he was going to end fracking.  Biden then doubled down and said “show the video” and Trump promised he would put it up on his website, and Biden had the look on his face someone gets when they just won a huge argument and everyone knows it.  Except, there was just one problem.  Trump came through minutes after the debate and tweeted out a montage video of Biden saying he would get rid of fracking.

There were many other lies Biden told during the debate Thursday night, but one huge whopper is what may have changed a lot of minds in who they were going to vote for on November 3rd.  And that was when the question was asked about over 500 illegal alien children who cannot find their parents.  The question was thrown as a softball for Biden and designed to stir up anger at Trump for putting kids in cages.  Remember that whole false narrative?

Well, the president hit Joe over the head with a question he wasn’t prepared to answer.

“Who built the cages, Joe?”

Joe Biden had no answer, because he knew it was done under the Obama administration.

The back and forth started when former Biden ridiculed Trump for separating illegal alien children from their parents at the border. Read More At

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