Video: Mad Max Shook After Brilliant Ad ‘Living in Maxine Waters Paradise’ Challenger, Released By GOP Challenger, Joe E Collins

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If you were to make a list of 5 Congressmen/women who were the most stunning examples of the swamp, Maxine Waters would be on the top of the list.  The woman ‘represents’ one of the poorest districts in the nation …. from her $6,000,000 mansion …. in ANOTHER DISTRICT.

Let me qualify the $6 million dollar number by saying, this is an estimate, I’m sure the assessed value for taxes is much lower (imagine that), I know the ‘fact checkers’ will do all they can to defend Maxine because she is a Democrat and criticizing Democrats is basically illegal on the internet these days.

Anyway, Maxine Waters is out of touch and Maxine Waters needs to be relieved of her duties in the US Congress ASAP.  Looking at the caliber of people we send to Congress, it is no wonder that we end up bankrupt and on the verge of civil war.  As long as we set kleptocrats rule us, we will continue to fall further and further into tyranny.  Luckily there is Joe Collins and he is working his ass off to change things for the better.

[Opinion] Democrat Maxine Waters, who has been in office for 44 years, is up for re-election in November, and her challenger, Joe E Collins released another video ad Saturday that is sure to go viral, as his other videos have.

“Maxine Waters have been voted the most corrupt member in Congress 5 times,” said a representative of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics.

“Maxine Waters’ district is a nightmare for the people that live in it. That’s why she lives in a $6 million mansion outside of it. I’m Joe Collins, proud Navy veteran running against Maxine Waters, and I need your help to get this video in front of everybody to flip this seat!” Collins wrote.

The ad is set to a parody of a song, Gangsta’s Paradise, and shows people cleaning up trash on the streets, and rows of Tents:

“As I walk through the valley in the shadow of Maxine My own neighborhood is going to Hell and I can’t sleep…she has been cheating us for so long, ” are some of the lyrics.

We have an opportunity to defeat Maxine Waters once and for all. Comment “Bye, Bye Maxine Waters” below and share this to help us win back this district,” Collins wrote,

In the following ad Collins hammers Waters for being corrupt and have many corrupt scandals to her name while she has been in DC, including a ban deal where she and her husband benefited.

From BallotPedia:

Joe Collins (Republican Party) is running for election to the U.S. House to represent California’s 43rd Congressional District. He is on the ballot in the general election on November 3, 2020. He advanced from the primary election on March 3, 2020.

Joe Collins is from South Central LA and has served 13 years in the U.S. Navy. With the help of the US Navy, he became a licensed financial professional and a Certified Counselor for rape and sexual assault victims. Since already taking an oath to defend our country and its people, the decision to serve and defend those without a voice in California’s 43rd District, was one he would proudly make. Joe Collins upholds the Constitution of the United States of America and promotes fair treatment, equality, and respect for all citizens of our great country. America deserves a leader who will fight for its people and California needs a leader who will properly represent its people! Joe Collins will use his leadership skills he’s learned in the U.S. Navy to make a better America for everyone.

Please list below 3 key messages of your campaign. What are the main points you want voters to remember about your goals for your time in office?

-Rebuild our district

-Quality Jobs


What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about?

Rebuilding the cities infrastructure to support the expansion of housing and small businesses.|Overhauling the education system|Criminal justice reform |Taxes|Housing|Quality jobs|

What qualities does the U.S. House of Representatives possess that makes it unique as an institution?

You have the ability to have influence and create the change needed to add value to people’s life.

Do you believe that it’s beneficial for representatives to have previous experience in government or politics?

Yes. I think that all politicians should have some major form of leadership skills and training.

What do you perceive to be the United States’ greatest challenges as a nation over the next decade?

Getting our politicians to work together to add value to the people of America.


Cathy Pearson wrote after watching the ad, “FACT: Her home is Not worth $6 Million. Just look up her net worth. It clearly shows any assets she owns. Anyone who knows the outrageous Southern California real estate market will understand how overvalued homes are here. Right place right time.”

JD Bock wrote, “Make it a rule that representatives have to live in the district they represent. I thought this was a rule already,fyi. Good Luck to you, I live in a different district!”

Archy wrote, “This is the best music video ever.”

Collins other video went viral with close to 4 Millions views, that showed him walking up near Water’s home,

It is high time someone took Maxine Waters on.  This woman is the Chair of the House Finance Committee for crying out loud!  This is the same woman who appears unaware that the Government nationalized the issuance of all student loans years ago.  I would love to see an audit of her families finances tho …

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