WTH Video: Joe Wonders Around Behind Wife Before Insulting Voters Not Support Him, Calls Them “Chumps”, Coughs Into His Hand

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OK, let me be honest.  I think Joe did a better job at the debates than I anticipated that he would.  However, that is not saying much since I was thinking Biden would forget where he was, take off his pants and do God knows what on stage.

The fact that he was able to survive the last debate was a shocker for me.  The fact that he got his ass handed to him … that was no surprise.   Trump dominated that last event, and he owes some of his success to the fact that the moderator was the most fair of all the debate moderators this year.

Biden still raises questions, though his actions, as to just how ‘all there’ he really is … mentally.  With all the leaks coming out now, I’m sure he has a LOT on his mind …

[Opinion]. Several months ago I was trying to figiure out how bad off Joe Biden was.

The angry democrats selected Joe out of an openly far left primary field as Bernie was too open about his socialism.

Joe was able to hide in his basement until President Trump starting moving up in the polls. As he started doing online Zoom speeches & interviews, then in-person local speeches with less than 10 people in the room, Joe’s real mental and physical issues confirmed what most of us knew already.

In especially the past 6 weeks, Joe appears to have the onset of dementia or some other cognitive metal issue plus very low energy and physical strength.

Today, Saturday, the 77-year-old Democratic Presidential nominee hit the campaign trail with his wife Jill to deliver a few remarks in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

As they starting their event hundreds of fired-up Trump supporters drove around honking their horns over-shadowing their event.

At one point during Jill’s “speech”, Joe started walking aimlessly behind her, from one side of the stage and back.

When it was Joe’s turn to speak, he had one of his momentary anger burst, this time at the people disrupting his event.

Just like when Joe said to host Charlamagne Tha God, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black”, Joe this time called these Pennsylvanians who don’t want a Biden Admin elected who will shut down the US oil industry; “chumps.”

The fact that there are Americans who are voting for a political party who is using a man in decline, just so they get control of the White House is despicable.

I pray he doesn’t win, as Pandora’s box will be open if he does.

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