A Direct Hit from Hunter’s Laptop That Needs Investigation, And Joe May Be Complicit

Posted by on October 26, 2020 6:04 pm

Many of the videos and images allegedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop are deeply embarrassing. They may even lead to legitimate questions about what Hunter’s behavior with a consensual adult has to do with Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Still, the latest email to be made public is of grave concern, and if true, it shows that the Biden family is corrupt; the trust the public has placed with them is being destroyed over the cover-up of real crimes.

The Gateway Pundit published an email that is very concerning and appears to be from Hunter Biden’s Uncle, Jim Biden, and references Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, uncovering the attempt to shield Hunter from the consequences of his relations with his minor niece.

And, if true, are shocking and need to be investigated.

“A mother accusing Hunter Biden of inappropriate contact with her child told Joe Biden she would call the police if Hunter came near the minor again. Joe and his brother, Jim, wanted to silence her. Joe Biden’s brother Jim texted Hunter saying that they (he and Joe) needed Hunter’s “side of the story” so they could “shove it down her (the mother’s) f*cking throat,” Fairbanks reported on Twitter.

“To be clear, Joe Biden knew about claims Hunter has been “sexually inappropriate” with a minor and had his brother Jim text Hunter begging him to call so that they could game plan to silence the mother. The worst part? The child is a relative of Joe and Hunter. Joe Biden clearly has priorities for which relative he wanted to protect. It happens to be the one bringing in cash,” she wrote.

“Joe Biden wanted to silence his own minor relative about sexual misconduct by her 50 year old relative. Great guy. Good morals. Good choice Democrats. Way to go,” Fairbanks wrote.

“His own f*cking mom told people he’s “sexually inappropriate with the children. Bannon just confirmed on air that they have these texts on the laptop from hell,” Fairbanks wrote.

A reader posted in reaction,”Presumably same 14y.o that Hallie spoke~to his therapist? Hunter→Joe: She told my therapist I was sexually inappropriate w[name]…that I face time naked w her & the reason I can’t have her out to see me is bc I walk around naked smoking crack talking [redact] girls on face time.”

The news from the emails has been ignored by the majority of mainstream media, claiming that the laptop has not been verified to be the property of Hunter Biden, however, the Biden family has not denied the laptop contents, other than saying they believe it is “garbage”. These are the issues that Americans will have to face in the coming weeks and months, are the media and owners of social media platforms at all liable for covering up the information that would help American voters make informed decisions about their vote, and is there a two-tiered system of justice.

Is Joe Biden above the law? Did he try to cover up sexual abuse of his own niece? How can he have a security clearance if these stories are true? Where are the fact checkers?

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