Biden Calls a “lid” on His Campaign, He is Done Meeting In-Person

Posted by on October 26, 2020 6:04 am

Democrat candidate Joe Biden has ended “in-person” campaigning for the remainder of his Presidential campaign, doing what has become known as “calling a lid,” or ending campaign activity for the day, according to numerous media sources. 

“Having been in the emergency medical field for 25+ yrs. One of the standard questions u ask someone in his situation when trying to determine their level of awareness is “who is the current president?” a medical professional posted in reaction to the announcement.

On Sunday video footage emerged, showing Biden talking about running against “George,” leading people to believe he meant former President George Bush.

T Lewis of Team Trump tweeted on Sunday that “Joe Biden says he won’t do any more in person campaigning for the remaining 9 days.”

Joe Biden says he won’t do any more in-person campaigning for the remaining 9 days.

— JT Lewis (@thejtlewis) October 25, 2020

Biden faces numerous scandals in the remaining 9 days until the end of the cycle, including dwindling support and attendance at his events. 

On Saturday, Biden actually has to make his way through Trump supporters to leave his own rally site.   

And what must be overwhelming to face is the amount of opposition information that has come out showing his family business and his son Hunter’s sexual activities with numerous women.

The Western Journal reported on the matter and wrote, “Only one day after Trump brokered the peace between Sudan and Israel, Biden called a surprise lid on all activities.

Following a similar decision last week, where Biden canceled events for four straight days leading up to the final presidential debate, it doesn’t paint a picture of a dedicated and able leader.”

The Trump campaign account had a little fun with the announcement.

Word is that former President Barack Obama will be doing some appearances for Biden, possibly, after drawing an audience of approximately 80 people in Miami Florida this past weekend.

American Greatness wrote about Obama and said:

“Moreover, Biden’s son, Hunter, has given “the big guy” the added problems of an abandoned laptop and a disgruntled former business partner. These matters could prove that the Biden family members, including “the big guy,” have peddled influence for a pretty penny to America’s enemies. Or so rumor has it, since the elitist leftist media refuses to mention the matter, calling it “Russian disinformation,” “hacking,” a “distraction” and, indeed, anything but what it is—authentic evidence of corruption. Still, if the rotten Biden family tree falls in the forest and the media covers it—with a blanket—will it make a sound? They are counting on a “no” answer to that question. But they’re also hedging their bets.”

Reactions from political watchers, “‘That’s it. Mr. Biden shows clear signs of dementia. This is tonight. This is why they’re keeping him under a lid. There’s no way Mr. Biden could forget the name of the CURRENT President, the one against whom he is running, unless he lacked full cognitive function. He lacks it,” Nan Hayworth MD posted.

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