Schweizer: Hunt*r ‘Participated in Chinese Efforts to Acquire Western Technology’ W/ Military Applications

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Let’s be honest, unless Hunter is shagging minors (which there has been a lot of talk about, and seems to be a rumor, unsubstantiated as of yet, but a rumor none the less) his sex life and drug use are not THAT big of a deal.  We all have our demons, and again, if his do not involve crimes, hurting anyone other than himself (smoking cr*ck) … so what.  It’s not good, but it does not mean his dad could never be president.

However, if his father was doing business deals with him and they were leveraging the office of the VP, or his contacts in the USG, to make these deals, more valuable to partners, that is a SERIOUS problem.  We are talking nearly as bad as it gets.  The only thing worse would be helping hostile foreign powers acquire technology, technology with military applications especially.  I do not even care if Joe knew or not.  If his some was helping the Chinese acquire military tech, that is a deal breaker, there is no way that family could be trusted.

Well, don’t look now, but Peter Schweizer is back with another bombshell, and it’s not just on Breitbart, this is on Fox & Maria Bartiromo’s show.

[Opinion]  Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer told Fox Business News’ Maria Bartiromo that Hunter Biden, his family, and his partners were helping China acquire American businesses for their country.

Schweizer suggests that is the big untold story in all of this, including companies that manufacture products with a military application.

Maria asked:

“Let me ask you about [Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States] and the approval that a foreigner needs in order to do an acquisition in the United States. That’s one of the things that you’ve reported on that these Chinese companies needed, right? 

They wanted the influence of Joe Biden so that they could get approval to acquire companies. This is what Donald Trump has been trying to put an end to, China coming into the U.S., buying up Silicon Valley and forcing the transfer of technology, giving the Chinese Communist Party a leg up on American technology.”

Schweizer said:

“You’re exactly right, Maria, and this is a big part, I think, of the missed story.

This is not just a story about Hunter Biden and the family getting wealthy.

It’s about Hunter Biden participating in Chinese efforts to acquire western technology.

In particular, for example, there’s a company called Henniges out of Michigan that produces dual-use technologies that they have both military and civilian application, and they are anti-vibration technologies.”

Hunter Biden’s Chinese-funded investment firm partnered with AVIC, which is the largest military contractor in China, and they, together, acquired Henniges, this dual-use technology company in Michigan. It has a clear military application.”

At this point I do not think it could be anymore clear: The Bidens are a National Security risk.  There is enough information out there, yes, unverified, but with enough gravitas that no rational America would want this man or his family anywhere near our treasury, never mind our national secrets.

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