Trump Goes All In, Calls Out Crippling Corruption In DC… Bagmen Buy Policy, Turns Out Biden Inc. Is Just The Tip of The Iceberg [Opinion]

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Washington’s power brokers, who spent three decades exfiltrating the wealth of ordinary Americans through manipulative trade deals, massive illegal immigration, and nefarious economic and foreign policies, never anticipated that a billionaire patriot would upend his life to challenge and undo their unscrupulous construct.

While interviewing Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson during a segment of her Sunday Morning Futures show, Maria Bartiromo played an interesting soundbite of President Trump calling out the corrupt construct that Washington has devolved into…

President Trump tells Bartiromo why his corrupt accusers always blame Russia, Russia, Russia but never go anywhere near China…

“They never use China.  You know why?  Because they’re all getting rich on China.  They have their deals with China.”

How much of those $500 to $800 billion deficits found its way into the pockets of American politicians who were in position to influence our country’s economic and foreign policies?

Bartiromo then asked President Trump; “What was the biggest takeaway in your first term in terms of the one thing you learned that you didn’t know beforehand about Washington?”

The president never hesitated in answering what’s wrong in DC:

“Deep-seated corruption… People are there and they’re protected.  And, to this day they’re protected.  It’s hard for me to get people to go after people. 

Consider President Trump’s comments in light of recent reports alleging that Christopher Wray’s FBI has been hiding Hunter Biden’s laptop since December of 2019. 

In December 2019 Democrat corruptocrats were busy impeaching the president for inquiring about then-Vice President Biden’s alleged $1billion quid pro quo loan guarantee in exchange for firing the prosecutor investigating corruption at Burisma, where Hunter Biden sat on the board of directors.

According to those who have examined the laptop, it contains reams of evidence that would’ve exonerated President Trump and justified his request of Ukraine’s president to help root out corruption by the former VP.

Apparently, FBI Director Chris Wray chose to protect the status quo and the elites’ massive, self-serving, financial schemes.

It appears that President Trump was impeached for the very crimes Joe Biden should be investigated for, for crying out loud.

What drives this corruption?  As would be expected, it’s all about the Benjamins… massive amounts of Benjamins.

When money exchanges hands between influencers and politicians in foreign countries to buy policy that runs counter to the needs of their citizenry, we call it corruption.  

When those influencers buy policy antithetical to the interests of average Americans in the United States they call it lobbying.

Where emails from the laptop appear to position Hunter Biden as his father’s bagman, Washington is overridden with bagman, aka lobbyists…

Thanks to Donald J. Trump we’re on the precipice of reclaiming our nation… A nation of the people, for the people and by the people.  We must realize this opportunity may never come this way again.  Let us seize the moment.

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