Upon Trump’s Re-Election, Reports say Wray at FBI and Haspel Will be Fired

Posted by on October 26, 2020 9:03 pm

Monday the news broke that President Donald J. Trump announced that upon his reelection he will dismiss Christopher Wray at the FBI and Gina Haspel at the CIA, both current Directors.

Earlier in October Trump had demanded that all documents regarding the Russian Probe be declassified, however Wray in the FBI and Haspel in the CIA have so far , refused to do so.

Republican Rep. from Ohio, Jim Jordan, posted on Twitter that Wray was just beginning investigations on the scandalous laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden, the son of Democrat candidate for President, Joe Biden.

Catherine Herridge of CBS News reported, ” A senior administration official tells @CBSNews POTUS has soured on CIA Director Haspel for “failing to execute his national security priorities” + frustration over the pace of declassifying records related to Russia probe, among other issues.

The SAO said the need to protect “source and methods” argument against declassification does not fly with records at issue. The SAO predicts Haspel could exit immediately after the election, same for FBI Director Wray, due to disagreement over a variety of policy issues. From CIA Press Secretary Timothy L. Barrett, “Director Haspel continues to proudly serve at CIA, and we’ll leave the election season speculation to others.”  FBI has declined to comment. First reported @axios@jonathanvswan@alaynatreene

Mark Meadows made reference to Wray and Haspel on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo,and talked about the dissemination of declassified materials, and said:

“We are evaluating all of the personnel, we will hold people accountable who have not been transparent.”

Reports started to emerge late Sunday, and Monday that the two did face termination.

Reporter from Axios, Johnathan Swan, posted on Twitter:

New w @alaynatreene — “If President Trump wins re-election, he’ll move to immediately fire FBI Director Christopher Wray and also expects to replace CIA Director Gina Haspel and Defense Secretary Mark Esper.”

“The view of Haspel in the West Wing is that she still sees her job as manipulating people and outcomes, the way she must have when she was working assets in the field,” a source told Axios. “It’s bred a lot of suspicion of her motives.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported last month that Haspel was blocking the release of documents critical to understanding the origins of the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign in 2016. Multiple sources have told The Daily Wire the same thing.

The news comes as Trump signed a new executive order last week that will make it significantly easier for the administration to remove individuals in the federal service who are “constraining him from enacting desired policies or going after perceived enemies,” Axios added.

I covered that executive order HERE:

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