Video: Biden Knows He’s In Trouble After His Rally In Pennsylvania Is Crashed by Trump Supporters Who Greatly Outnumbered His ‘Fans’

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Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me it seems the the amount of support that President Trump has is 1000x as enthusiastic as the ‘support’ for Biden is.  I have not met a single person who is enthusiastic to vote FOR Biden.  In fairness, I do know people who would walk over broken glass and through murder hornets to vote AGAINST Trump, but the love for Biden is just not there.

If the man wins it will be by default, the could have put the corpse of a sex offender up against Trump and it would get as many votes as Joe will.  Maybe that’s a bad example … or maybe it’s a perfect one, you can decide what you think for yourself.

If you wanted to get a feel for just how much people love Trump and hate everything that Biden stands for, just take a look at this story by Rich Welsh:

[Opinion]. President Donald Trump and Joe Biden both held rallies on Saturday as both candidates made a final push before the November 3 presidential election. Unfortunately for the Biden campaign, their pitiful rally turned into a Trump rally.  Well, Trump held a rally while Biden had a little gathering, of mostly people in their cars.

Biden held a drive-in rally in Bristol, Pennsylvania, north of Philadelphia and a completely different world. There were reportedly between 130 and 170 cars at the drive-in rally for the Democratic nominee.  Or maybe it was mostly people who were caught in traffic.

The Biden rally quickly turned into a Trump rally when supporters of the president swarmed into the area. CNN political correspondent MJ Lee said, “Practically a Trump drive-in rally here now outside the Biden drive-in event.”  I’m surprised the CNN reporter didn’t blame Russia for the sudden turn of events.

Reportedly, the Trump supporters were honking their horns and using megaphones, including one person who chanted, “Four more years!” Biden called the Pennsylvania Trump supporters “chumps” twice during Saturday’s rally.

“By the way, we don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphone are doing, the Trump guys,” Biden said. “Look, we’ve got to come together.”

“I’ll work as hard for those who don’t support me as those who do, including those chumps at the microphone out there,” Biden said, and then he coughed into his hand. “That’s the job of a president, the duty to care for everyone. The duty to heal.”

Biden seemed angry on Saturday, or maybe it was just a symptom of his dementia.

Joe Biden then got irritated and lashed out at a group of Trump supporters who tried to crash his campaign appearance.

“We don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphones, those Trump guys,” Biden told supporters sitting in their cars.

He was talking about all the Trump supporters, driving pickup trucks and SUVs covered in American flags and campaign banners, who descended upon a nearby parking lot and in earshot of the Democratic nominee, only to honk horns and try to shout the Biden down.

So much for “I’ll be the president for all the American people whether they vote for me or not,” after calling Trump supporters chumps.  The real chumps are those who support Biden who is literally promising them that he will remove the Trump tax cuts causing them to take home less money, and he’s going to end fracking, which has been a great industry for Pennsylvania workers.  He also said in the last debate that he will transition the United States out of the fossil fuel industry, which means no more oil.  Stock up on gasoline, because if Biden gets elected and he implements his policies, the price of gas will skyrocket practically over night, and that’s if you can get gas.

Biden talked to the cars for about 25 minutes.  Democrats hope to win the back Pennsylvania this year, with the help of suburbanites turned off by Trump.  I believe there are many silent Trump supporters in the suburbs and the whole suburban women being against Trump is fake news.

Trump will win Pennsylvania easily, but then he will lose after the Democrats start working their voter fraud scheme.  Pennsylvania Democrats are well-known for voter fraud, and it’s been reported multiple times already that state workers are throwing out Trump ballots by the thousands.  If you live in Pennsylvania and you support Trump’s reelection then you must get out and vote and bring ten of your friends and neighbors.

Meanwhile, President Trump held a rally in Lumberton, North Carolina.  During his speech, Trump mocked Biden over his “tiny crowds” at his drive-in rallies.

“People in cars. I don’t get it. They’re in cars,” Trump said. “There were so few cars. I’ve never seen an audience like this.”  And he’s right.  I live very close to where Biden held this rally Saturday, and it went around town that it was really pathetic.

“His partner, the media, the media made a mistake. They made a tragic mistake. They showed the crowd,” Trump told the audience. “They were screaming, ‘Don’t do it! Don’t show the crowd!”

Trump called the rally a “tiny, tiny little crowd.” “You heard a couple of horns — honk! Honk!”

Like Rich said, so much for being the president of all the people.  If anyone believes that Biden is not going to come down HARD on Trump and anyone who supported him, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona for you to make an offer on …

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