The American Church is Facing Odd Restrictions on their Freedom, and Not Defending Christians

Posted by on October 28, 2020 3:03 pm

The American church, many who willingly shutdown over COVID Concerns are choosing to remain closed up and even apply very odd restrictions upon their congregants who want to return to church service after almost 7 months of not having service.

Many American churches seem eager to show the government how much they want t to submit to COVID restricts by adding more and more burdens on people to attend, including forcing people to pre-register, so it is no wonder that the Government feels even more confident to have legal double standards for Christian schools, seeing that there is no support from the Church any longer for Christians.

President Donald J. Trump remarked on the Church closures in Democrat states, on Monday at a campaign rally:

Allegedly, Government officials are sending law enforcement out and going after religious schools.The Christian Post reported on a school in Oregon that has filed a lawsuit over it:

A small Christian school in Oregon has filed a discrimination lawsuit against Gov. Kate Brown and several other high-ranking officials for restricting in-person instruction in private, religious schools during the coronavirus pandemic while allowing public schools to reopen.

In the lawsuit filed last Friday by the Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of Hermiston Christian School, it is alleged that Brown repeatedly assured the leaders of the school located in Umatilla County that they would be able to provide in-person instruction to the 51 students enrolled in its K-12 program as long as they met certain health guidelines.

Gov. Brown reversed course on July 29, however, and ordered private schools in the county and other parts of the state to close while exempting public schools with 75 or fewer students. School officials that violate the order can be jailed for 30 days and fined $1,250.

“While responding to crises can be difficult, this case is not. There is no legitimate reason for allowing public schools with 75 or fewer students to provide in-person instruction while denying the same opportunity to small private schools, including religious ones,” ADF Senior Counsel Ryan Tucker said in a statement.

Brown’s refusal to extend the same treatment to Hermiston Christian School as she does to small public schools violates the U.S. Constitution and discriminates against parents who choose to provide religious education for their children.”

It is not just Christian schools. An administrator of a Jewish private school reacted to a police visit, feeling like he was the focus of unfair treatment.

In the video an administrator of a Jewish school is talking to a police officer who was there in response to complaint that he was open, when he was in fact not open.


From the Oregon lawsuit, “Oregon’s Department of Education has personally evaluated Hermiston Christian School and found that it is a safe place for school-aged children to spend full days, but the very same department threatens imprisonment and fines if the school dares to educate those very same children while they’re in the building. Public health crises do not suspend the Constitution or permit elected leaders to favor secular public schools by granting them unique exceptions.”

However convincing lawmakers that our religious freedoms and Constitutional rights is something we seem to be in an eternal battle to protect, it is strange that the American church has sat by passively this time and assisted in the managed decline of America.

Hopefully one day we will get back to America.

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