Video: PA Dem Gov Wolf Calls In The National Guard To Deal With “Peaceful Protests”

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Monday night the city of Philadelphia was a war zone.  As we explained yesterday fires raged, 30 police officers were injured, including a female officer who was ran over by a truck, apparently on purpose.  Stores were looted and rioters had their way with the streets, forcing cops to retreat.

The situation got so bad that the Democrat Governor was forced to call in the National Guard to secure the city and prevent the same thing from happening the next night (Tuesday night).  On the same day that the Governor called in the National Guard, he described the events from the night before as ‘peaceful protests.’

So which is it?  You can not have it both ways, either you called in troops to put down a ‘peaceful protest’ or the events were not ‘peaceful protests’ and calling in the Guard was a rational response?  Which is it?

[Opinion] I am so blessed to not live in a city like Philadelphia, you too?

The America I grew up in and still fight for, is a work in progress allowing every citizen to pursue their dreams, fail at times, win some battles all under a Constitution that says our basic rights come from God, not the government.

We are not guaranteed equal outcomes, promotions at our jobs, businesses that will succeed. No guarantees that we will not experience pain, get insulted by people and get sick dying at an early age.

When generations of youth are told other wise, that they need to organize, and that rioting and Marxism can fix the wrongs that they determine are taking place ,you end up in anarchy, such as Philadelphia, PA.

We have just seen 2 nights of “mostly peaceful” protests. BLM & ANTIFA protesters rioting, looting, and attacking police in Philadelphia following the police shooting of a black man who was threatening them with a knife.

The radial leftist funded BLM and ANTIFA domestic terrorist groups were told to march in protest of the police. Yes against the officers who were defending themselves.

As part of their strategy, their protest immediately turned into rioting and looting.

Their loose network of basement dwelling snowflakes have managed to run over a female police officer with a truck, injuring others.

As the organized mobs grew in numbers, outnumbering the police, the city was lost and mayhem ensued.

On Tuesday Democrat Governor Tom Wolf actually suggested the mass riots were peaceful protests.

On Tuesday at least 30 Philly businesses were looted, police and reporters were attacked and rioters are in control of the streets.

If these two days are considered peaceful protests, what would non peaceful protests look like?

Just like Portland, Seattle, NYC, and Baltimore, the citizens of Philadelphia are in for some long days, months, and years, as they deal with the terrible lack of “judgement” of their local and state politicians such as Democrat Governor Tom Wolf.

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