Video: ‘Who The Hell Elected You?’ Senator Cruz RIPS Into Tech CEO Over Censorship Of Biden Scandals

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I can tell you first hand that ‘big tech censorship’ is 100% real.  Facebook took nearly $300,000 from us to build our pages and rea followers.  Things worked out great and we were able to drive tens of millions of visitors a month to our website from posting our content to our pages on Facebook.  Then, all of a sudden, something changed.

The funny thing is that this all happened as soon as President Trump won the election.  The idea that the two events were not directly correlated is beyond absurd.  We have been sounding the alarm bells about this problem for years, many, many years.  No one in Washington gave a flying ****.  They still don’t seem to care, with a handful of exceptions.

One of those exceptions is Senator Cruz.  Senator Cruz understands the issues at stake and how to fix them, the problem is the rest of the Senate (other than Hawley and Cotton) either have their heads up their asses or encourage the censorship because it helps them politically.   Luckily for us, there will at least be a historical record of the arguments warning against where this type of censorship will lead … that is until the authoritarian censors erase the evidence from the historical record, something that is almost guaranteed to happen, eventually.

Fox News reported:

‘Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, ripped into Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, accusing him and his social media platform of improperly censoring reporting from the New York Post that reflected poorly on Joe Biden, despite not acting consistently regarding stories about President Trump.

he Post’s Twitter account was locked and links to their article about the contents of a laptop reported as having belonged to Hunter were censored. Twitter also initially blocked other users from sharing links to the Post report. Dorsey said this was due to a policy regarding hacked materials. Cruz noted that a New York Times article about President Trump’s tax returns did not face the same treatment, even though the materials appeared to be leaked illegally.

“Mr. Dorsey, who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report and what the American people are allowed to hear, and why do you persist in behaving as a Democratic super PAC silencing views to the contrary of your political beliefs?”

Watch the Cruz-Dorsey exchange:

Dorsey claimed that this was not the case. He also denied that Twitter has the ability to influence elections, a claim that Cruz derided as “absurd.”

“You’re testifying to this committee right now that Twitter, when it silences people, when it censors people, when it blocks political speech, that has no impact on elections?”

“People have choice of other communication channels,” Dorsey claimed.

“Not if they don’t hear information,” Cruz shot back. “If you don’t think you have the power to influence elections, why do you block anything?”

Dorsey claimed that his policies are “making sure more that voices on the platform are possible,” which is done by silencing abuse and harassment. He did admit that the policy under which the Post story was censored was flawed, and that other users should not have been blocked from sharing links to it.’

It’s not just Facebook that is censoring based on viewpoint, identity, or politics, Twitter is doing it too.  The fact that these betas are able to get up there in front of the Senate and Congress and lie with impunity shows us just who it is that is in power.  Let’s face it, big tech has the data, and with the data comes the power.  Just ask the people who have the videos and pictures of Hun*** B****.

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