Posted: October 29, 2020
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Trump’s ‘American Dream’ Plan for Hispanics, Prosperity, Freedom, and Opportunity for All

As President Trump continues to deliver on his record of Promises Made, Promises Kept, he today released the American Dream Plan for Hispanic Americans.

The plan focuses on fulfilling the promises of America that bring so many people to our shores, including a thriving economy, educational opportunity, freedom, and community. While Joe Biden panders to Hispanic voters with the same false promises that Democrats have made for decades, President Trump is delivering on his commitment to uplift Americans of all backgrounds.

The President’s plan includes promises to add 500,000 Hispanic-owned businesses, increase capital for minority entrepreneurs through Opportunity Zones, create 2 million new jobs for Hispanic Americans, increase access to home ownership, bolster school choice programs, and deliver a resolution to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program with a permanent solution that benefits both Americans and recent arrivals.

In a statement, ‘Latinos for Trump’ Advisory Board member Alfredo Ortiz celebrated the American Dream Plan:

“President Trump has done more for the Hispanic community in 47 months than Joe Biden has in 47 years, and the ‘American Dream Plan’ is just one more example of the President’s record of Promises Made, Promises Kept. From the lowest Hispanic unemployment rate on record, to Opportunity Zones, to school choice, to the support of pro-life, pro-family values, President Trump clearly stands with the Hispanic community and our priorities. Now, faced with the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency controlled by the Democrats’ socialist base, Hispanics are rushing to support President Trump and the Republican Party more than any time in recent history. President Trump’s ‘American Dream Plan’ gives Hispanic Americans just one more reasons to vote for four more years of strong, America First leadership,” said Alfredo Ortiz, ‘Latinos for Trump’ Advisory Board member, according to a press release.


The Hispanic community has achieved record-setting economic successes
as a direct result of President Trump creating a thriving economic environment. The President is committed to
making even greater advances in growing small business and increasing household income, home ownership,
and healthcare personalized options for the Hispanic Community.

• Increase small business lending, technical assistance, and resource access through Community
Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs), and
establish new bank and non-traditional lending relationships to ensure Hispanics’ access to new
sources of capital.
• Create a public relations campaign and increased coordination between Small Business
Administration (SBA) and Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) programs available to
Hispanic business owners, and make MBDA a permanent agency.
• Increase opportunities for small businesses as prime and supply chain contractors and remove
barriers to employment such as fees and occupational licensing.
• Preserve private healthcare insurance, support language-access programs for patient healthcare,
and increase broadband access for robust telehealth activities, including rural and remote areas.
EDUCATION OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL: Nothing is more important to the future of our great Nation than
ensuring every child receives a world-class education. To have a fair shot at the American Dream, Hispanic
families—like every family—deserve the opportunity to choose the best education—including kindergarten
through twelfth-grade (K-12), college, or vocational school—for their children.
• Empower more than a million Hispanic families with K-12 scholarships. Promote awareness of employment initiatives and vocational training.
• Increase access to 529 plans that include funding for K-12 needs.
• Encourage and assist Hispanic students to major in and enter the Science, Technology, Engineering
and Mathematics (STEM) fields.
• Increase broadband access for educational options, including rural and remote areas.
• Streamline the process to increase the number of Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), as well as
expand funding for research and development initiatives for HSIs.
• Ensure Americans can use their Pell grants for post-secondary opportunities that lead to a fulfilling
• Increase the work of the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative, including promoting school
PRESERVING FREEDOM: Hispanic families understand the sacrifice of fighting for democracy and the service
of our military and law enforcement that allows all of us to live out the American dream. America is a
welcoming country and this Administration will work tirelessly to establish a fair, simple, and compassionate
immigration system to come to our country.
• Support policies and regulations that place sanctions on Communist regimes in South and Central
America, including Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.
• Support all law enforcement within our communities and at the border and provide essential
funding and necessary programs for active duty military and our veterans.
STRONG FAITH, FAMILY, AND COMMUNITY: Faith and family are of paramount importance to the Hispanic
community. The President will continue to vigorously defend religious freedom for all and protect life and
houses of worship.
• Expand the work of the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative, including protecting religious
liberty and innocent life at all stages.
• Protect constitutional rights of all students in public schools.
• Build on the historic numbers of home ownership to increase the ability of all families to pass on
their wealth to their children.
• Protect families through support for community policing and safe neighborhood programs.
• Give churches the ability to compete for Federal resources for their communities.
• Instill policies to add 500,000 Hispanic-owned businesses to the economy.
• Increase access to capital for minority-owned businesses through historic support for CDFIs and
MDIs, leading to even greater development of Opportunity Zones.
• Create an economic environment that produces more than 2 million new jobs in the Hispanic
American community.
• Grow the pipeline for minority entrepreneurship through opportunities for Federal contracting.
• Build upon the historic increases in home ownership to achieve new records.
• Empower every family in America with school choice now and streamline the process to increase
the number of HSIs.
• Resolve Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) with a permanent solution that is both fair
and just, and benefits all Americans.

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