Video: Dem Rep. Sounds Alarm: MI ‘Autoworkers Who I Thought Were Voting For Biden Told Me They’re Voting For Trump’

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I love it when the Democrats seem surprised to learn that working class people are not the biggest fans of tax raising, insider crony deal making, 50 years of suckling at the public nipple, multi0millionaire Barrons who run for office pandering to communists and anarchists, deriding voters and American values.

Yes, there is a class of people who have been convinced that they are victims.  Unfortunately, these folks have been sold a bill of goods and, either have been indoctrinated with the idea that they can never succeed because of things that happened many moons ago, or use the same justifications as an easy excuse for not trying.  While this group is small, thanks to our corrupted ‘educational system’ and the Democrat’s need for a subservient voting base who releases on government redistribution, it has grown larger and larger in recent years.

The middle class, the blue color workers especially (at least the ones I know) are overwhelmingly conservative in their politics as far as fiscal issues go.  Most people who bust their ass 5 days a week from 9-5 (or often later) are not looking for a politician to lord over them and their finances.  Why the Democrats, who are running on a platform of huge spending (and thus tax) increases find it surprising when people who work for a living are turned off by being robbed by them, is beyond me.

However, it seems that some Democrats are starting to get the message.  Take for instance Democrat Representative Dingell from the swing state of Michigan.

The Gateway Pundit:

‘Democrat Rep. Debbie Dingell (MI)  sounded the alarm on Thursday and told CNN’s Dana Bash, “It’s tightening here in Michigan.”

“Yesterday, I had some of the autoworkers, who I thought were going to go back to Joe Biden, were very clear with me…they’re voting for President Trump,” Dingell said as she stuttered.

Autoworkers in Michigan support president Trump because he got rid of jobs-killing NAFTA.

Biden also mistreated the auto plant workers in Detroit earlier this year.


Shortly before the Covid lockdowns, Joe Biden traveled to Detroit and snapped at auto plant workers who confronted him on his anti-2A stance.

This is why Biden’s handlers are hiding behind Covid and not allowing him to interact with voters.

Biden snapped at an auto plant worker in March and told him he’s “full of shit.”

Joe Biden later doubled down telling the blue collar worker was a “horse’s ass” and informed him of the obvious, saying “I don’t work for you!”  Something we all knew already, Joe Biden works for the monied interests who write the checks to his family members, IMHO.

Maybe after nearly half a century in Washington and somehow figuring out how to have himself and his family become multimillionaires Joe lost touch with reality and humanity.  One of the workers that Biden berated later went on to make a video for the NRA that went viral:

Jerry Wayne knows who Joe Biden is and it seems that the rest of the working class is waking up to the truth as well.  Trump may be rough around the edges but you can bet your ass he is not going to sell the nation out to a bunch of communists.  The choice is yours next week, choose wisely.


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