Ben Carson Publicly Humiliates Trevor Noah and LeBron James

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It’s no secret that LeBron James is not a fan of President Trump.  

The superstar basketball player is already estimated to have a net worth of $500 million dollars but James wants more and he had plans to double or triple his wealth by playing nice with the communist Chinese to gain access to their 1.4 billion basketball-crazed fans.

With the president calling out the Chi-Coms for their human rights abuses, LeBron’s overall popularity has suffered and his chances of realizing that level of equity growth is becoming less likely.

Compounding LeBron’s financial concerns was the damage his ‘social awareness’ campaign did to the NBA.  The league’s television ratings were down 70%.  That can’t bode well for player income.

King James, a smart guy, has probably figured out by now that there’s more to maintaining his popularity than dunking a basketball.  People actually care about other things… more important things… 

So when comedian Trevor Noah tried comparing HUD Secretary Ben Carson to LeBron James to degrade new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, he could’ve never expected Carson’s snappy comeback.

According to Mediaite Noah said… 

“And you gotta admit, Trump’s comment about Barrett being the perfect replacement for RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg) is grade A trolling.

“He knows what he’s doing because yes, RBG and Barrett are both women, but Barrett is going to dismantle all of RBG’s good work. So this would be like if the Lakers replaced LeBron with Ben Carson. Technically, yes, they’re swapping one Black man for another, but good luck on making the playoffs next season.”

If Noah had it to do over again he probably would’ve used someone less witty than Carson to be his punchline.

On Thursday, Carson was at an Evangelicals for Trump event in Grandville, Michigan.  After taking the opportunity to implore supporters to talk about religion and politics with their family and friends, President Trump’s cabinet member said:

Talk about “the things that are important to you, not about sports and entertainment. I mean, that’s okay, but really, is that what life is all about?

“Doesn’t matter that much if you can sink a basketball.

“You know, I was listening to one of the news programs this morning and LeBron James was saying something about would you ask Ben Carson to play basketball.

“Well, I wouldn’t ask him to do neurosurgery, I’ll tell you that.” 

Meanwhile, other superstar athletes are endorsing Donald Trump for re-election…

All-time NHL great Bobby Orr took out a full page ad in the New Hampshire Union Leader to endorse our president, saying “that’s the kind of teammate I want.”.

“The attacks on our President have been unrelenting since the day he took office. Despite that, President Trump has delivered for all the American people, regardless of race, gender, or station in life.”

“That’s the kind of teammate I want.”

Jack Nicklaus, arguably the great golfer ever, tweeted his support for President Trump…

Then, earlier today Green Bay Packers great, Hall of Famer Brett Favre manned up as well… 

Winers like being around other winers, the same can be said for the inverse, as well now, misery loves company.

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