Not So Scary Fortnite Halloween with Bryson Gray, $1,000.00 Prize

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Bryson Gray is going to host a new event for a new group called “Gamers for Trump” on Saturday night and a one thousand dollar prize purse is at stake, registration for the event is at

“Gamers are scared to identify as conservative because the left runs the gaming scene while the GOP seems to either not know about it, or they ignore it,” Bryson Gray, a conservative gamer and music maker told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“The “Trick or Trump” event scheduled for Saturday will be the first pro-Trump online Fortnite tournament, according to organizers. It is free to enter and will consist of three games where players will compete in squads of four to earn points towards cash prizes,” Kaylee Greenlee for Daily Caller wrote.

“Gray, who ‘proudly stands up for America and all his core convictions,’ will host the Gamers For Trump tournament, Gamers for Trump organizer Stephanie Lein D’Urso told the DCNF,” she wrote.

The Tournament is being organized by the creator of the event, Stephan D’Urso of who said about the event:

The tournament is about more than encouraging supporters of President Donald Trump, according to D’Urso.

“We are hoping to invite gamers all across the nation, regardless of their political views, to participate with us in this tournament,” D’Urso said.

“We see it as a time to put divisions aside and come together to remember and celebrate what we do have in common,” D’Urso added. “These are tough times for all Americans.”

Gray has numerous popular ‘hip hop’ tunes out there, drawing in new Trump supporters with his brand of Patriotism.

Gray is known for his huge red, foam MAGA hat.

The New Yorker wrote about Grey in 2019 and said, “Bryson Gray, a twenty-eight-year-old rapper who has opened for 50 Cent and 2Chainz, was sitting in front of his computer at his house, in Greensboro, North Carolina, one recent Saturday, wearing a maga bucket hat, tiger-stripe jeans, and a T-shirt that read “Where’s Hunter?” Gray was fiddling with the second verse of a song he’d recorded, called “Pro Life Pro God Pro Trump,” for his forthcoming album, “maga Ain’t Got No Color.” He turned up the volume. “Touch my hat and you might get beat / these are Yeezy’s on my feet.” It went on:

Trump 2020 that’s big facts
No I can’t vote for no Democrat
Used to be a liberal but I switched that
Pull up to yo hood in my big hat

According to the website:

  • Free to enter
  • Must be at least 13 years old
  • Must have parental consent if under 18 years old
  • Must be a US citizen to enter tournament
  • Squad teams

How Points Are Calculated

  • 5 or more team kills = 1 point
  • 10 or more team kills = 3 points
  • Win = 5 points

The tournament will be 3 games. The top 3 teams with the most points will receive prizes.


1st Place Team

2nd Place Team

3rd Place Team

Begins at 1pm Eastern

To Register For
Trick or Trump Tournament

The tournament will be organized through Discord. Click the link below to join our server and follow the instructions to take part.

Links to join the Discord server are at the website.

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