Video: Kamala Harris Promises To Raise Taxes “Joe Biden and I Are About to Work to Get Rid of That Tax Cut”

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Imagine if you will … being so out of touch with the average working American that you brag about raising their taxes.  Then, think about the fact that there are people in the crowd cheering for a tax cut to be repealed.  It is beyond comprehension how the Democrats have gotten people to embrace and worship their subservience to the kleptocratic USG.

Kamala Harris was in Texas Friday, Texas.  I do not know what the Democrats have planned but apparently they think Texas is in play, which if it is, the republic will be lost, for good.

The Senator from the People’s Republic of California gave a cringeworty speech on the Fort Worth campaign stop.  Watching this is enough to make Hunter B. blush, how can anyone think this woman is a genuine human being?

Harris seems to me to be taking a page out of HRCs playbook and appears to be putting on a fake accent, assumably to try and have the crowd relate more to her.  This is how stupid these people think you are.  How they never learn from their mistakes makes me wonder just how dumb, or more likely, out of touch they must be


The Gateway Pundit report: ‘Kamala then traveled to Edinburg, Texas to deliver remarks to Latinos.

Kamala told Latinos that Joe Biden will get rid of Trump’s tax cuts and the dolts cheered.

“As a first order of business, Joe Biden and I are about to work to get rid of that tax cut,” Harris said.’


When someone tells you who they are … believe them.  Biden and Harris are going to repeal the Trump tax cuts, and with Joe’s spending plans and many Democrats embracing the potentially catastrophic Green New Deal, God only knows what new taxes we would face.  Remember what 50 cent said before he cucked to a washed up comedian who likes being peed on (google it … or don’t, prob don’t, but it’s there if you do.)

We have two choices, freedom or slavery, China or America, choose wisely.

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