CONFIRMED: 96 Mile Parade in Arizona Really happened- VIDEO

Posted by on November 2, 2020 12:03 am

When Trump rallies had to be stopped due to pandemic concerns, Trump’s supporters got creative and developed ways to gather together for fellowship, but also to support President Donald J. Trump, many of them saying they wanted the world to see their support after hearing the media lie about their candidate.

The story was re-ignited Sunday with the support of Donald Trump Jr who retweeted footage of the prade and reacted and said: “OMG”:

The length of the parade was confirmed by Arizona’s Department of Public Safety:

“Update: Arizona DPS confirmed today’s Trump Train that circled Phoenix, AZ was 96 miles in length, edtimated 41,000 vehicles participated,” an author known as Hindle posted.

A local News Report was posted on Facebook:

The organizers were Patriots of Arizona.

Fox News reported, “The video showed cars, trucks, and motorcycles at the parade donning their “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hats, Trump 2020 flags, Thin Blue Line flags, and American flags all supporting President Donald Trump.

At least 1,500 vehicles went through Chandler, Queen Creek, Mesa, and Gilbert on the parade route. Dozens of people also rallied for Trump in Mesa, lining the streets and encouraging those passing by to honk their horns in support, AZ reported.

The Arizona car parade was not the only pro-Trump car parade to take place this weekend.

There have been similar events across the country, such as one in the Cincinnati area on I-275 Saturday, which drew thousands of participants, and another event in New Jersey that same day, which drew 1,000 participants.”

Numerous activists posted photos and video footage from different points of entry.

A new youtube video was uploaded on Sunday:

The reminder of the 96 mile parade happens at the same time new polling for Arizona shows that Trump is taking the lead:

“Trump now ahead in Arizona in the RCP index of polls. 2 weeks ago, Biden was leading by an avg of 4. If Trump takes FL, NC, AZ, OH, he basically has to take PA or MI to win (given Georgia doesn’t flip, which hasn’t since ‘92 when Clinton won with just 43%).

A new CNN poll pushes the overall average to Biden +0.1 – but you have to look at the overall trend lines in the graph, which is decidedly going toward Trump. Arizona hasn’t gone blue since ‘96, which was a three-way race (Perot),” Joe Concha wrote.

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