Signs Biden’s Poll Numbers Have Collapsed As Dems Move to Salvage Their Base, Send Kamala Out to Promote Socialism/Communism [Opinion]

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President Trump and the patriotic Americans who have rallied to the cause have successfully punched through the lies of the fake news media and their phony polls.

We’ve seen this movie before.  In 2016, they told us Hillary Clinton had a 90-plus percent chance of winning.  When the Deplorables were done voting, Donald Trump won in an electoral landslide.

Since that election Democrats and the media lied to us about Russian collusion, impeached President Trump over a phone call, and managed the virus – sent to us by their fellow communists – to destroy the Trump economy and to lock American down in fear.

All of that, along with a virtual blackout of conservative responses by the titans of social media, hasn’t been enough to silence the Spirit of ‘76 that course through the blood of America’s conservatives.

This weekend patriots across the fruited plain overwhelmed the media narrative that Joe Biden holds a double-digit lead over President Trump by showing up at rallies in massive numbers, and participating in car and boat parades that stretched on for many, many miles.

This was the scene in Miami at midnight for the fifth of Trump’s mega-Maga-Rallies on Sunday…

We are watching the most determined populist repudiation of the governance of the elites since the American revolution…

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is campaigning with Barack Obama, and they’re drawing crowds smaller than any of Trump’s children who are campaigning independent of the president.

Then there were the optics of Trump’s Patriots using their vehicles to escort a Biden-Harris bus out of town and out of Texas.  Powerful!

In the face of this rising red tsunami those running the Biden campaign hoisted the white flag by sending out Kamala Harris to salvage what she could of the support of the remaining far-left radicals that continue to be in play for Democrats.

Harris actually tweeted her support for socialism yesterday…

“Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place.”

“There is all the difference in the world between treating people equally and attempting to make them equal. 

While the first is the condition of a free society, the second means a new form of servitude.”

– Friedrich Hayek

Harris didn’t stop there.  According to Breitbart “Kamrade Kamala Vow[ed] Open Borders Bonanza.”

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