Excellent Article by American Thinker, What does Wile E. Coyote have to do with the Election? Hint: It is not “taking people over the Border’

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The American Thinker has a great piece on deconstructing the cocksure tactics of the left to take control of this election through a series of legal maneuvers, which they started around February with the onslaught of Pandemic restrictions on Americans, apparently hoping no one would pay attention.

Lifton makes the case that the Democrats outsmarted themselves, and their tactics may have backfired because now people in some states will have to brave crowds to deliver their ballots, and they have been frightened about voting in person, by the Democrats.

It is a theory.

Thomas Lifton, for The American Thinker in his article, Democrats have outsmarted themselves on mail-in voting and on election eve are having a Wile E. Coyote moment wrote, “A sickening feeling is spreading among some of the smarter Democrats that they have royally screwed up their election strategy.  The plan that seemed so smart, once they realized that COVID was a golden opportunity to distract from President Trump’s massive foreign policy and economic triumphs, is backfiring.

The plan, in short, was to terrorize Americans with fear porn over the purported dangers of COVID (despite it being 99%+ survivable for all but those over 70, and despite huge progress in therapeutics driving the survival rate even higher), while emphasizing mail-in voting for their base.  Republicans, they thought, could be discouraged from in-person voting on Election Day, and with compliant state governors, A.G.s, and secretaries of state extending deadlines for mail-in votes, the margin of victory could be manufactured in the days afterward.

Then the anvil fell. RBG died. That meant that there would be NO appeals related to fraud that could succeed.

At around the same time, President Trump got the China Virus, overcame it, & showed that we do not have to walk in constant terror.

This meant that the Ds would be heavily voted out by election day, but also that whoever was still available would have to vote under a cloud of terror

This strategy also dramatically damaged their ability to use fraud, because..

Please visit American Thinker for the rest of the article.

The imagery of Wile E. Coyote is so perfectly fitting for this situation. Think about it, former President Barack Obama is still scaring people about going out in the COVID. On Monday he was talking about crowds being “Super Spreaders”. So the question becomes how many Democrats will brave going out to vote in huge crowds on Tuesday?

And now in some places, they must deliver their ballots in person:

There are people standing in line with problems with their ballots:

More directives:

There are many posts and confusion over mail in ballots that people did not return, but there are opportunities for them to get them in on time.

We will see if the Democrats did in fact out smart themselves, when we hear about the mail in ballots. Expect a bumpy ride.

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