Fox News: Leaks Show BLM & ‘Shutdown DC’ Network Have Been Working For Months to Spark Unrest After Vote

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In an article entitled ‘DC protesters organized via Zoom for months, thousands expected outside White House on Election Day’ Fox News says what we can not due to draconian social media rules:  Democrat or radical leftist groups have been planning to sow chaos in America following the election ending tonight.  It’s no surprise really, you have been able to set your watch by leftist political violence in the last few months.

The article’s sub headline explains who has been leading the nefarious planning: ‘Groups led by Black Lives Matter and Shutdown DC have been holding training sessions for demonstrators.’  ‘Demonstrators’ the media has done the good people who peacefully air their grievances a huge disservice by smearing the name of ‘protesters’ and conflating the with the violent, rioting, looting and often arsonist politically motivated mobs with those exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

Fox News went on to explain, ‘A collection of groups led by Black Lives Matter and Shutdown DC reportedly has been holding training sessions for demonstrators to protest on Election Day — and apparently, they’re planning a large-scale event across the street from the White House expected to draw thousands.

Several leaked documents and Zoom call recordings described a loose but coordinated network of activists seeking to mobilize around the country, especially if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden loses or if President Trump contests the election results. The materials purportedly showed plans to shut down federal buildings, including the White House, and to meet members of Congress at public transportation portals when they’re scheduled to reconvene in Washington after the election.

The apparent goal: to continue the civil unrest from Election Day until at least later this week — and potentially until the presidential inauguration in January.

Did you take away from that what I did?  The left is planning to intimidate lawmakers, and the President of the United States unless their candidate wins.  Could you imagine the outcry if right wing groups we caught planing to do anything even remotely similar?

This is terrorism 101.’s defection of ‘terrorism’ is as follows ‘the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.’  

Don’t look now but that is EXACTLY what these BLM groups are doing.  Keep in mind, nearly all of pro sports, Hollywood and the Democrat party have embraced BLM with open arms.  I would say ‘despite’ the fact that some of the founders brag about being ‘trained Marxists’, but I think it is more likely that their Marxist ideology is WHY they like them.

It should be noted that ‘Fox News could not independently confirm the legitimacy of the recordings and documents with local and federal law enforcement. DC Metro Police Department did not immediately return a Fox News request for comment.’  However, one needs to look no further than Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, etc to understand what is coming if Trump wins the election.

I think it is fair to say the blue cities are not boring up their store fronts in fear of a Biden win.  It’s those Democrat voters who spend all day talking about how much they value ‘democracy’, who have refused to accept the results of the last election 4 years ago, and plan on refusing to accept the result of this election, if they do not get their way, that we have to worry about.

Say what you want about Trump supporters, but we do not instigate violence, and we need to make sure we never do.  Violence has no role as a tool in a political contest, no matter how depraved your opponents are.  Of course, defend yourself and your property, but always try to deescelate any physical tension and remember what we are fighting for: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Unfortunately, our brothers and sisters who have been conned by the promises of communism and a radical remake of America seem to be planning something more devious according to the Fox News article:

‘A recording purportedly of one training session hosted over Zoom by the “Sunrise Movement” featured Lisa Fithian, who has been described by Mother Jones “as the nation’s best-known protest consultant.”

In the video, Fithian showed a target map displaying all the police stations, key government buildings, media outlets and buildings occupied by “Trump boosters” in the DC area. She discussed “what would it take to surround the White House.”

“We’re facing an administration and a potential coup and a potential insurrection,” Fithian said. “Is there going to be a war? Are people gonna get killed? Like is that on anybody else’s mind? I’m guessing it is. We’re going to see potential fighting all over the country or in some hotspots, and we’ve already seen that, so how do we work together across the country to help support each other no matter where we are and to maximize our impact by doing similar things on similar days at similar times?”

Fithian said demonstrators willing to break windows on government buildings should go a step farther and get inside. She told those on the call, “We have to be willing to put our bodies on the line and take on some discomfort and sacrifice risk in order to change things.”’

If that is not inciting violence and criminal activity I do not know what is.  The fact this is public knowledge and the FBI has not done f***all about it just reaffirms my certainty that the organization has fallen beyond repair.

We are going to be in a crisis but we want to make sure it’s one that we are creating. We want them to be responding to us and us not responding to them. In a situation of a coup or an insurrection or an uprising, whoever’s got the guns, often can win. We should be clear. Trump’s gotta go,” she said, according to the recording of the call posted to the YouTube account SunriseExposed, the Fox News article went on to explain that the video was removed by Youtube.

These people have no interest in ‘democracy’ they want an authoritarian regime that carries out their political aims.  I am the biggest believer in free speech that I know, hell, I put my life savings into creating, and alternative to Facebook and it’s censorship, but there are certain things the 1st Amendment does not cover and inciting civil war is one of them

My buddy Dino got deplatformed for warning of these very events.  However, if you are on the left, you can say whatever you want, you can prepare for a war against your fellow citizens, plan that war for months online and nothing will happen to you.  Again, we must stay peaceful, but it is important to be aware of what our fellow citizens have planned for those with whom they disagree politically.

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