Just In: Diplomat Who Sparked Trump-Russia Probe Endorses Trump … Warns Public About Biden & The Risk He Poses

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If you thought the 2016 election was bizarre and that the establishment made the huge mistake of uncloaking and showing everyone that they were NOT an unbiased reporting machine, but rather a narrative driven propaganda arm of the let and the corporations that fund them, this years is turning out to be even more of a doozy.

What strange bed fellows politics can make.  One cycle a man is involved in creating the Russians own Trump narrative, the next you are sounding the alarm about sleepy Joe.

[Opinion] Alexander Downer, the former Australian foreign minister who got the FBI to start investigating the Russia Collusion hoax, has now endorsed Donald Trump for reelection.

He is not enamored by Trump, but he thinks Joe Biden is a joke.

“There is no perfect choice in this election. There is the slightly crazy, out-of-control Donald Trump.”

“And then there is poor old Joe Biden, bumbling along without any clear plans, and likely to be a hostage to a bevy of querulous advisers.” 

Downer did praise the way Trump has worked with Australia. His sister is an American citizen who will be voting for President Trump in this election. It is a bit surprising that Downer would endorse Trump considering the fact that it was he that aided the coup against him early in the collusion hoax. But, then again his opponent is Dementia Joe.

Downer reported that George Papadopoulos revealed to him that Russia would be releasing dirt on Hillary during the campaign. That information from Papadopoulos came from Obama’s spy, Stefan Halper. It was planted with Papadopoulos in hopes he would repeat it to someone else. That way they could spy on the Trump campaign.

The Daily Caller reported:

Some Republicans accused Downer of working with the Hillary Clinton campaign, the FBI, the CIA or other Western intelligence agencies to fabricate allegations in order to justify an investigation against the Trump campaign.

Downer addressed those allegations, which he has long denied, in his Trump endorsement.

“For me, I’ve had to put up with four years of Trump and some of his fringe cronies claiming I was part of a conspiracy with Hillary Clinton, the FBI, CIA, MI6, Italian intelligence, ASIS, Ukrainian spies and who knows who else, to bring him down,” Downer wrote.

Since that time … when Russia was supposedly the hacker of the DNC emails, we found out that the intelligence community lied and that CrowdStrike not only could not say that Russia was the hacker, they could not even say the servers were hacked at all.

Many believe that S*** R*** was the one who leaked the emails and his death was a warning to anyone else seeking to expose the Democrats.  However, if you suggest this is a possible theory you risk being deplatformed, so I want to be clear, I am not saying this is what happened.  Everything the MSM tells us is the truth.  Trump works for Putin.  Hillary won the 2016 election as predicted … need I go on all seeing technocracy?

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