Trouble In Commietown: Biden Camp Moves Goal Posts After Months Of Bragging About Huge Leads, Now Says Joe Has Multiple Pathways to Win W/o FL & PA [Opinion]

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After months and months of the Joe Biden, his campaign, its surrogates and the United States media (you may know them as the IC lead PR arm of the Democrat party) telling American that Joe Biden was up by double digits in PA and up big in Florida, they seem to be backing off their bold posturing early one.  Can you imagine my shock?

The media (AKA the left) has been trying to say that Trump’s reelection hinges on suburban women.  Not only suburban women, but PA and FL are crucial in their narrative as well. As a human being who actually lives in Florida, I can tell you first hand the support for Trump in the suburbs is off the freaking charts.  Every time I go out I see a flash rally or a stand selling Trump march on the side of the road.

Don’t believe me?  This was the scene earlier this morning in the Tampa suburbs:

Oh, and the day before that, on a 10 minute drive I saw this:

Earlier in the week, in another location, closer to Orlando, there was one of the dozens of pop up Trump merch stands that have been covering the state.  In Florida it feels like the entire state is the parking lot for a Trump concert, the energy is palpable.

Now that gaslighting the public into believing that Biden was way ahead and trying to psych out Trump supporters into not voting, the Biden team appears to be switching up their tone.  However, they are being very careful not to come out and say what everyone I have talked to in Florida is already thinking … Florida is MAGA country.

Fox News is reporting:

Joe Biden’s campaign says the Democratic presidential nominee can defeat President Trump and win the White House even without carrying two crucial battlegrounds: Florida and Pennsylvania.

Campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon told reporters on Tuesday that the former vice president was “leading by 8-points coming into Election Day” in the key battleground states thanks to the surge in voting ahead of Tuesday’s election.

‘leading by 8 points’ lmao, yeah, ok lady, have you even been to Florida?  Sure, call it a dead heat, that could be believable, but Joe up by nearly ten is another insult to the intelligence of Americans everywhere.

Fox News went on: ‘‘Roughly 100 million Americans cast ballots through early in-person voting, absentee and mail in balloting, which is nearly three-quarters of all votes cast in the 2016 election. Dillion emphasized the “enthusiasm in early voting,” which she said is “continuing today in voting so far.”

Dillon highlighted “that allows us to continue to have these multiple paths to victory” to the 270 electoral votes needed to capture the White House.

And she stressed that “we can win 270 electoral votes even without Pennsylvania and Florida. So I think that that is something that really helps put into sharp relief, what Trump has to accomplish today and what we’re positioned to do.”

“Trump has such a harder hill to climb today to overcome the advantage we came in with,” Dillon added.

Both Biden and the president have poured time and resources into both Florida and Pennsylvania, two states Trump narrowly won four years ago in his historic come from behind upset of 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Four years ago, Trump became the first Republican nominee to win Pennsylvania since George H.W. Bush in 1988. Trump carried the state – and its 20 electoral votes – by just seven-tenths of 1%, outperforming the final polls that favored Clinton.

Thanks to the left burning Philly to the ground, you can be sure that if Biden did have a lead among those ‘suburban house wives’ that are questioning their support of Joe now.  Contacts in PA report the same over the top enthusiasm for Trump up in the PA as we are seeing down here in Florida.

Let me translate that for you: ‘oh sh**, s***, s***, we are …fffffffffffffff….’  It sounds to me like the Dems are already trying to justify their next loss to themselves, and their ‘friends’ in China…

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