President Trump Goes Full American Patriot: Hold The Line!

Posted by on November 7, 2020 5:03 am
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Look, let’s be honest this is dangerous territory.  If The Democrats have committed voter fraud, and enough to win the election they MUST be called on it in order for the nation to avoid becoming a banana republic.  However, the stakes could not be higher as if they did not and Trump accuses then, holding up the election the effects on the trust that is left in our political system could be devestating.

Perhaps never before has the America experiment been at such a crossroads.  Right now, while Dems like AOC urge for the creation of lists of Trump supports, for God only know what purpose, it is imperative that we HOLD THE LINE until the counts decide what is lawfully the truth,

[Opinion]. Things are really up in the air right now, that’s no secret or surprise to anyone really. We knew mail-in voting would be a disaster, and Democrats knew it would be the only way they would be able to cheat their way to a victory.

Things are seeming a bit grim for conservatives, if I’m being honest. If the election were happening honestly, Trump would have won days ago. However, it isn’t over yet. Democrats are so sure that Biden and Harris are going to be occupying the White House and whether or not that’s the case, we cannot give up.

I’ve seen so many conservatives pointing out that Trump has worked so hard for the past four years for us, we need to work for him now. They are absolutely right. That man has given up four years of his life to serve the American people with everything that he has. The least we can do is hold the line and fight for an honest voting count.

Pray hard, for America, for Trump, and for truth to prevail.

We cannot give into the Democrats. If we give in now, we will never know if the truth could really come to light. I did theater in high school, and even some in college. Without fail, if the audience was responsive to the show- laughing, gasping, clapping, etc. it always gave myself and my fellow actors and actresses more energy and stamina to perform an excellent show.

This election is no different.

If Trump sees Americans all across the country giving up and giving into the Democrats, his stamina and that of his team may begin to wane. If we give up on  him, he may lose the spark that he has to fight. However, if he continues to see this beautiful patriotism and excitement for him to remain in office, we can provide much needed encouragement for our incredible leader.

Trump spent four years giving us his all, we can give a week of our lives fighting tooth and nail and praying continually for him. It’s the least we can do. After all, if Trump does not come out on top, we’re all doomed, not to be dramatic, but that’s just the truth of it.

When soldiers fight a war, they don’t have the option to just fall back or give up if they get tired.

They hold the line.’

When one row of soldiers get tired, they retire to the back for others to take their place. Americans, we have each other’s backs, we have God on our side. We can do this, but we must not give up. We must keep fighting and we must encourage one another.

If, God forbid, Biden and Harris are proclaimed the winner, however, I urge America- let’s not lose this comradery and passion that we’ve seen among one another in the past few months. We have seen Americans and patriots across the country banning together to fight for what we believe in.

If we lose this fight, I promise there will be many more. Don’t give up, don’t back down.

Americans, whatever happens, we must hold the line.

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