Posted: November 17, 2020
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Senate Whistleblower Exposes The Tech Left Speech Cartel, Claims Facebook, Twitter, Google Units Team Up On Content To Ban

I think we can file this one under ‘no duh.’  For those of you who are on Facebook, which is likely the majority of the readers we have left (until Facebook completely deplatfroms Illlicit Info) you know that the ‘platform for all ideas’ is really anything but.  Not to sell you on Spreely, but this is what caused us to build Spreely over 2 years ago.  We saw where social media was headed, and we knew it was going to get ugly and turn into a digital prison filled with censorship and deplatforming.  If you have not signed up for Spreely yet, I hope you will, it’s just like FB, except we allow all political speech that is protected under the 1st Amendment.

Anyway, back to the story at hand.  Senator Hawley, one of the handful of people in Washington who even pretend to understand or care just how dangerous the Silicon Valley technocrat’s control over the flow of information is, told America what we all, already suspected … there is a Speech Cartel that works together to decide who can, and who can not speak on the major social media platforms.

Fox News reported:

‘Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., on Tuesday pressed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on a newly revealed whistleblower complaint alleging that Facebook employees coordinate with Twitter and Google employees to make certain content moderation decisions.

Hawley said a former Facebook employee “with direct knowledge of the company’s content moderation practices” contacted his office about an “internal platform called Tasks that Facebook uses to coordinate projects, including censorship.”

“The platform reflects censorship input from Google and Twitter, as well,” Hawley alleged. “…Facebook censorship teams communicate with their counterparts at Twitter and Google and then enter those companies’ suggestions for censorship onto the Task platform so that Facebook can follow up with them and effectively coordinate their censorship efforts.”

Zuckerberg said Facebook uses the Tasks system for “people coordinating all kinds of work across the company,” adding later that the company did “coordinate on and share signals on security-related topics,” such as “a terrorist attack or around child exploitation imagery or around a foreign government creating an influence operation.”

The Missouri senator went on to ask whether Facebook, Twitter and Google employees coordinated content moderation decisions regarding “individuals, websites, hashtags [or] phrases to ban.”

“Senator, we do not coordinate our policies,” Zuckerberg said, adding later, however, that he “would expect that some level of communication.”‘

If you think the deplatforming and censorship on Facebook is bad now, just wait until the Democrats get control of the White House and both chambers of the legislature.  Those who continue to stay on Facebook are in for a rude awakening, however, luckily, their actions surrounding the recent election have woken many people up to what Facebook is really about.  Sites like Spreely and Parler have exploded with growth in the last few weeks.

I hope you will take a moment to create an account on Spreely and start building yourself an escape hatch from the Speech Cartel’s grasp before it’s too late …

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