Posted: December 1, 2020
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Video: Sidney Powell Claims Witness To Election F**** in Hospital After Being Beating

Opinion|  I have a lot of respect for Sidney Powell and her willingness to speak truth to power.  Since all we have seen are affidavits and accusations, I am not yet convinced that she has the goods needed to meet such a high burden of proof that exists in this case, with the stakes being so high.

The mainstream media and social media have reinforced in the heads of the people that Joe Biden is the ‘President Elect’, whether correct or incorrect, there are millions who would not accept anything other than this reality, no matter what info they were confronted with.  On the other side, I know some of my friends will never believe the election was on the up and up.

With reports like this coming out (without proof, which is difficult to provide without doxxing the alleged victim) it only underscores how tenuous the situation is.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Attorney Sidney Powell said on the Sean Hannity show on Fox News Monday night that a witness to election irregularities was beaten up and is in the hospital. Powell spoke about the attack while speaking about witnesses needing protection as a reason some are not going public and signing affidavits. Powell said some are in the government, others are in roles that require confidentiality, and that they need protection by the government.

Powell: “They’re gonna lose their job. Their lives have been threatened. Uh, one witness we know of got beaten up and is in the hospital. There have been all kinds of repercussions against people who have come forward to tell the truth. And no, Democrats don’t like whistleblowers, they only like liars who claim they’re whistleblowers.”

The video clip of Powell’s remarks was posted with a heavy dose of snark by a Daily Beast reporter:’

For the 1,000th time, I do not know who won the election, nor do I claim to.  I would like to see all the evidence that there was a large scale fraud perpetrated, exposed so that the American people can decide for themselves what the truth is.  Right now half the nation has no confidence in our system of elections.  If we do not repair that with and open and transparent process, we are headed for some dark times.

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