Posted: December 7, 2020
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Breaking Video of Brian Kemp in Front of Communist Flag, Talking About Business

A video has emerged of Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp standing in front of a Chinese Communist Flag, alongside two American flags, talking about Georgia’s business opportunities with clips of Chinese Businessmen speaking in Chinese. There is no other information about the video, at the link, except for a web address that goes to a site www.Georgia where the video was first posted, and according to the website they promote Chinese businesses in America:

Welcome Chinese companies to settle in Georgia

Georgia has a thriving international community.  The Georgia Economic Development Agency has representative offices in Qingdao and Shanghai.  A first-class global business environment, preferential taxation, and policy support, the most developed logistics network in the United States, a large number of skilled workers, and emerging high-tech companies are all the reasons why Chinese companies have settled in Georgia.


Georgia Representative Offices distributed around the world will do their best to assist Chinese companies in developing new business in Georgia.  We will communicate with you one-on-one and help your company provide the best office space information for free.

“We provide the following trustworthy services free of charge,” the site reads.


In the video Kemp said:

“China is a top source of imports and the third largest report market.  We welcome thousands of Chinese visitors every year to the Peach State, and we are constantly helping to develop new opportunities for Chinese companies.”

The rest of the video is Chinese subtitles.

The video comes on the heels of President Donald J. Trump’s Executive Order dealing with the Chinese Businesses.  I covered that executive order and also the news of researchers who are Chinese nationals and who are self deporting:

There have been recent developments in the tense relationships between the Chinese Communist Party and the United States, with US Secretary of  State Mike Pompeo making an announcement on Saturday that follows a constant pressure the Trump administration has placed on the Communist regime.

Pompeo wants an end to propaganda.

The State Department said Friday that it would now deny visas to Chinese citizens linked to overseas influence operations involving violence and other means of intimidation.

Yahoo News reported Sunday:

Pompeo said the restrictions would apply to Chinese Communist Party officials or anyone else taking part in such propaganda or influence campaigns affiliated with the United Front Work Department.

The United Front has been involved in efforts to put pressure on people outside China’s borders who raise concerns about human rights abuses in the Uighur region, Tibet, and elsewhere. Its “coercive tactics” have included publicly releasing personal details about critics and their family members online as a means of intimidation, Pompeo said in announcing the new restrictions.

The measure is intended to show that “those responsible for actions that contravene the rules-based international order are not welcome in the United States,” he said.

The restrictions are the latest punitive measure taken against China’s leadership and economy in response to sharpening disputes over human rights, the coronavirus pandemic, trade, technology, Taiwan, and a host of other issues.

Chinese citizens would be denied a visa to enter the United States if they have taken part in United Front efforts using violence, threats, or other means of pressure against overseas Chinese communities, academics, or civil society groups in the U.S. or elsewhere to advance the “CCP’s authoritarian narratives and policy preferences,” the State Department said in a separate statement on the measure.

It wasn’t immediately clear how many people would potentially be covered by the new restrictions.

The move comes the same week that the U.S. announced plans to place new time limits on visas for members of the Chinese Communist Party and their families, cutting the time that the travel documents are valid from 10 years to one month.

China responded to those restrictions by accusing the U.S. government of “an escalation of political suppression.” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said Thursday that the travel restrictions were “totally inconsistent with the U.S.’s own interests” and would damage America’s global image.

Oddly, Kemp has been at the center of bold political play to refuse Trump the opportunity to examine the massive numbers of absentee Mail-in Ballots in Georgia,  in what Trump claim is an election full of voter integrity concerns. 

A Twitter spat broke out on Saturday between the two over Trump’s assistance to match ballot signatures to the envelopes they came in.

The interaction is scandalous, with Kemp being seen as a holdout. 

The video may impact Kemp’s reputation with the voters and people of Georgia.

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