‘Crisis Standards of Care’: New Mexico Democratic Gov Authorizes Health Care Rationing Death Squad

Posted by on December 8, 2020 6:03 pm
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New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has achieved the liberals’ dream of holding life and death in the palms of their hands. She has just given hospitals the opportunity to ration healthcare and only provide it to those most likely to survive the disease.

That means the elderly and the infirm are dead meat if they contract the disease and their hospitals decide to take the governor up on her offer.

Personally, I think they are going back and trying to snuff iout lives they missed when they were unborn babies. But, the elderly and infirm will have deaths that have a little more dignity tan the unborn. It’s highly unexpected that they will put them on a table in a storage closet while the staff waits for then to die.

Lujan Grisham signed an executive order on Friday making it easier for hospitals to ration health care. But her spokesman, Tripp Stelnicki, said that Grisham has not given the okay for crisis standards….yet. Grisham accomplished this through an executive order.

It must be a scary thing to know that you could die if the governor does the wrong thing but that’s the risk you take in electing a Democrat.

Stelnicki explained:

“In the simplest possible terms, [the executive order] provides for the temporary facilitation of that assistance that may become necessary outside providers’ regular scope of practice and support. So, if and when the Department of Health deems it necessary, they can.”

From The Blaze

Speaking with the Post, Lujan Grisham said her actions “dropped the positivity rate, we dropped our rate of infection, and we slowed hospitalizations per capita” — but said it was not enough.

“We have constituents here — and I would argue in every state — that still believe that this is not a deadly, contagious virus, and you don’t have to practice any public health measures,” she said. “That makes it really complicated.”

New Mexico is particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 impacts, the Post noted, because the state “has one of the lowest numbers of per capita hospital beds of any state in the nation,” in addition to having “an unusually high percentage of elderly and low-income residents.”

The sad thing is that i will bet good money that illegal aliens will not have the same fate as vulnerable Americans will have. They will get treatment no matter what. And at government expense, unless I miss my guess.

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