Red/Green Axis: Leftist Climate Change Tied Together with Communist Plot to Purchase Land Near Airforce Base in Texas

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Early in December a scheme by a Chinese Communist aligned company to purchase American property near an American Air Force Base in Texas, and build Wind Turbines for “energy expansion” and to please the left’s policies of “Environmental Safety’ was exposed and addressed by the US Department of State because of its national security dangers.

“The Chinese have recently purchased over 180,000 acres of Texas ranch land near the runway of the US’s largest pilot training base for the Air Force. Standing at their front gate on a recent reconnaissance trip, I couldn’t believe we allowed these purchases under CFIUS,” Kyle Bass, Chief Investment Officer of Hayman Capital Management, posted on Twitter recently.

“This ranch land also sits on the US border with Mexico and boasts a 30,000 sq ft lodge and a private runway which helps the Chinese owners ferry people and cargo in and out of the border region with limited to no oversight by US authorities. This must STOP,” Bass wrote.

Bass tagged the US Secretary of State.

Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State didn’t say he was responding to Bass but did issue a press release on Tuesday that placed sanctions on a group of Chinese lawmakers who are connected to the Communist Party. I reported on those actions by the Trump administration here:

Wednesday Bass was on Fox news with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the details of these findings that people aligned with the CCP owns property near a US Air Force base.


Bass had posted before the show more details that should have alerted the US Media and alarmed people. Here is where Bass draws a tight connection between the Chinese Communist party tactics to the Democrat Party agenda of Climate Change, which could further illustrate how the Democrat party uses foreign agents to promote their wider political agenda.

According to a 2018 press release from the GLobal Communist energy group:


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Blue Hill Wind Farm Gets Green Lights from Government Of Saskatchewan

Image: Government Of Saskatchewan56 wind turbines will be installed south of Herbert in the Canadian Province

Official Press Release Government Of Saskatchewan:

Government Of Saskatchewan Approves Blue Hill Wind Energy Project

Environment Minister Dustin Duncan has approved a large-scale wind energy project in the province. This is the first large-scale wind energy project approved under The Environmental Assessment Act.

Located south of Herbert, the Blue Hill Wind Energy Project will be developed and operated by Algonquin Power Co. (a subsidiary of Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.) and is expected to include up to 56 wind turbines The turbines will add 177 megawatts of wind energy for SaskPower customers – enough energy to power more than 70,000 average Saskatchewan homes.  Construction is anticipated to begin in 2019, with possible service as early as 2021. “This new wind energy project demonstrates our government’s commitment to renewable energy and… …More: Official Press Release Government Of Saskatchewan

However, in Texas as early as they started, the company was upsetting people. From

“The project by Sun’s GH America Energy also threatens to disrupt critical pilot training missions at Laughlin AFB in nearby Del Rio.

Last week, the obscure West Texas energy project was thrust into the national spotlight when a right-wing news commentator denounced it as a threat to national security.

Since 2015, Sun, who made much of his wealth in Chinese real estate and energy, has purchased about 140,000 acres of back country northwest of Del Rio.

It is unclear how many turbines Sun could potentially build there. He is already moving forward with the first phase, called the Blue Hills Wind Farm, a 51-turbine project on one northern holding.”

Bass promises to release more information:

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