Election Game Changer? Security Expert Says Something Big Is Coming! Evidence Coming Forward In The Next Few Days

Posted by on December 19, 2020 3:03 pm
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President Trump has been getting shut down in the courts, state legislatures have accepted testimony from the Trump legal team, and others such as Sidney Powell and  Matthew DePerno of DePerno Law have been running into walls.

In one of the few victories in the pursuit of truth concerning the voting machines used in the swing states, a MI 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A Elsenheimer granted permission to Attorney Matthew Deperno to release the findings from their forensic examination on 16 Dominion Voting machines in Antrim County, MI.

The Antrim Co. Forensic Report revealed the Dominion Machines were set at 68.05% Error Rate…sending the ballots out for adjudication, allowing them to be modified!

Herein lies a major way election fraud took place in the 2020 election cycle. The target error rate in electronic voting machines is much less than 1 percent, so why were these coming in at 68.05%? When the ballots are rejected, they are viewed by adjudicators, in some remote place. This group of election workers has the ability to change, add or subtract votes, etc.

Via Gateway Pundit

On Friday night election technology and security expert, Russell Ramsland joined Greg Kelly to discuss his company’s findings in their Antrim County, Michigan Dominion Voting Machines examination.

Ramsland’s intelligence team analyzed 16 Dominion Voting Machines in Antrim County where thousands of votes flipped from President Trump to Joe Biden on November 3, 2020.

Their report was devastating. Dominion was caught switching votes and intentionally generating a high number of ballot errors that were then transferred offsite for adjudication.

On Friday night Ramsland told Newsmax that the Trump campaign will likely not win in the courts because the lawsuits are being dismissed before evidence is even being heard.

Ramsland then told Greg Kelly, “But I think there’s going to be some information that comes forward in the next few days that is going to drastically change the playing field. The real question will be will people report on it.”

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