TPUSA So Wildly Popular Thousands Couldn’t Fit in Convention Space, Matt Gaetz Makes Big Announcement

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Saturday Turning Point USA, TPUSA, hosted their annual Student Action Summit in Palm Beach County, Florida, on Saturday and Sunday, and headlines were plentiful, coming out of the event. Media reports showed many top political and news figures spoke to a large group of enthusiastic political interested and involved youth in large crowds trying to get into the hall where the event was held, with notable comments by Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz made a big announcement.

Journalist Elijah Schafer reported live from the event, “BREAKING: TPUSA students are being blocked from entering their national conference in Florida by the mayor.”

There was a problem about halfway through the program on Saturday, due to popular demand with the number of attendees, and the Mayor stepped in to stop the event and force people into crowded spaces.

RedState reported: “As the event was underway Saturday, Palm Beach County officials suddenly stopped allowing students to enter the convention center lobby to register, saying the event was over capacity, and stranding hundreds of students outside the door – packed like sardines. Of course, in that environment, rumors start quickly and are amplified on social media. It was reported that TPUSA was attempting to do same-day registration at the convention center, that they were unregistering attendees, and that they oversold the event. TPUSA officials tell RedState that none of those rumors are true.” (Please visit RedState for their full article)

Video went viral quickly with scenes from the event of people who had been shut out of the event, with comments that the Mayor was holding off the attendees under cover of “pandemic concerns.” Speculation online was that the move was a punishment of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who how been limiting the potential “pandemic” overreach by Government officials.

Noteworthy was Matt Gaetz, who said he would contest the Electoral College results from the US House of Representatives, “I’m not going back to yesterday’s Republican Party. I’m not going back to losing politely with Mitt Romney or the Bush’s. If you want to drain the swamp, hire a Florida man.” 

:on Jan 6th, I am joining the fighters,” Gaetz said.

Senator Rand Paul called for America to “reopen”.

The left media enjoyed the footage of suffering people not able to attend their event:

WEST PALM BEACH: Hundreds of TPUSA attendees chant “LET US IN” as the event has reached max capacity

This is not an error by TPUSA, apparently, the city is only allowing a certain amount of people inside the convention center with armed police officers guarding the door. 


“HUGE thank you to our incredible @TPUSA#SAS2020 speakers – @TuckerCarlson, @DonaldJTrumpJr, @DennisPrager, @SebGorka, @SaraCarterDC, and so many others who, when our attendees weren’t let in to the event, took the event outside to them”

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