RINOs Who Turned On Trump, the Most Conservative President of Our Lifetime, MUST GO

Posted by on December 23, 2020 12:03 am
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It was frightening to see so many Republicans leave President Donald Trump out to dry over his election fraud challenges.  Even worse were the ones who were telling him to concede.  RINOs joining league with Democrats and mainstream news people (same thing) in preaching that what Trump was doing to save our republic was killing our democracy.  Really?  It was disgusting to watch, and they are the barely Republican turncoats who should be hit with primaries for their next election.

Are they the only people in the party who can’t see as clear as day that the Democrats stole the election, and the judges appointed by Democrats refuse to hear the evidence?  Do these RINOs hate Trump so much that it makes them care so little about the rule of law?  I mean, what in the actual hell?

We have Republican governors and secretaries of the state turning on him, not lifting a finger to help clear out the election fraud that took place in their states. Georgia comes to mind where the two top members of the Executive branch are going out of their way to protect themselves by not allowing Trump to fight for the state that he won legitimately.

And what happened to the three Supreme Court justices Trump put on the bench?  They cowered and caved to the new leftist of the Court Chief Justice John Roberts.  Why did Trump go to bat for them because he felt they would vote to uphold the US Constitution and the very first chance they go to prove it, they turned on him.

And the media just love to give the limelight to those cowardly Republicans who turn on Trump or the party without ever asking them why they’re doing it.  They just want to use the moment trash the GOP or better yet Donald Trump.

These kinds of Republicans ran for office not to make the country a better place, but to have the prestige of being called Congressman or Senator.  Hello, Senator.  Would you like your usual table?

These are the Republicans who survive by taking in giant donations from giant corporations because they are expected to do things that will help them in legislation.  It’s called a qui pro quo, and I thought RINOs were against those?  They’re also beholden to billionaires who keep them on a leash, and of course, special interest groups who scream the loudest to keep them in line.

Trust me, it’s all about the money and not the principles they claim to stand for.  If it were for the principles they have spouted out for years then they would have stood directly behind Donald Trump, because he has governed as the most conservative president in our lifetime, dare I say he even surpassed Ronald Reagan?  Reagan had a Democrat-controlled Congress all eight years.

Real conservatives don’t get it, because they don’t think the same way.  Congressmen like Jim Jordan (R-OH), Louis Gohmert (R-TX), and Matt Gaetz (R-FL) are in it for the fight against socialism and for the Constitution.  That’s why they have supported Trump to the very end.  RINOs like Mitt Romney, the late John McCain, and the former Lindsey Graham who has seen the light, only care about themselves and how they look to the media.

For goodness’ sake, Romney (barely (R-UT) wrote an op-ed for the leftist Washington Post right before he was sworn in as a Senator from Utah where he told the Fake News industry that he was prepared to take over for McCain to be the Republican who will trash President Trump at every turn.  He did this after begging Trump and then getting his endorsement.  He told the WaPo that he was not going to be a yes man to Trump, even though no one in the administration, especially the president, ever asked him to be.

Mitt Romney is the disgrace who voted to remove the president from office based on the flimsy excuse of Articles of Impeachment where House Democrats literally made up things to charge Trump claiming that High Crimes and Misdemeanors are whatever the House says they are.  For that alone I hope upon hope that the good people of Utah throw him out on his ass after his first term has come to an end.

The point I’m trying to make is that the Trump GOP, and trust me it is now the Trump Republican Party, has to recognize that there are phony Republicans among the ranks who need to be weeded out and replaced with true conservatives who have adopted an America First attitude.  No more should we have to worry about the fate of the free world being left up to the political whims of RINOs like Senators Mitt Romney, Susan Collins (R-ME), and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).  Congressional votes should never cast over how the politician believes they will be written about in the papers.  For goodness sake, they are Republican, and the press isn’t going to write anything nice about them no matter what.  You would think these clowns would know this by now after being in office for so many years, and that by now they would just vote based upon principles, but they are always longing for the love and affection of the Fake News outlets who absolutely hate them.

When Mitch McConnell (RF-KY) the Senate Majority Leader turned on Trump by congratulating Joe Biden for being “president-elect” while the president from his own party was fighting legal battles to rightfully take back states that were stolen from him by Biden’s party, it was too much for me.  Republicans in Congress rode Trump’s coattails and did very well thanks to his efforts and hard work during the campaign, and now they have turned on him when he needs them most.  I now don’t reply to any of the texts, phone calls or emails I get asking for money.  I shut them all down.  And I think you should too.

Fox News, has turned on Trump, a network that was always a reliable conservative outlet until Rupert Murdoch gave the ship away to his two spoiled brat sons who hired Paul Ryan (R-WI) onto the Board of Directors.  Ryan, as Speaker of the House, said during a GOP conference call during the 2016 election that he would never support a President Trump, and that was one of the few times he ever kept his word.   It was said that allegedly Ryan’s first order was to tell the news side to stop favoring Trump so much in their news reports.  What a guy!

The usual suspects from RINOville like Bill Kristol, Jeff Flake, George Conway, John Kasich, Romney, and others have always turned my stomach.  At first, they said Trump was boorish and didn’t fit the profile of what they considered to be a modern-day conservative.  In other words, they saw that Trump was not a wussy who would cower at the first insults thrown his way and wouldn’t like them to learn to lose gracefully so that he would stand above the fray while he watched the progressives devour our country.  Then, when it became patently obvious that Trump was governing as a true conservative, the RINOs didn’t do a turnaround, because they are too cowardly to admit they wrong about him.

I consider RINOs worse than Democrats because at least with Democrats you expect them to do the wrong thing every time.  With RINOs, you have to sit around and wait to see if they will do the right thing or the the thing that strokes their ego with the help of the Left who use them while hating them.

They should all be primaried out.

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