Posted: December 24, 2020
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Democrat Michigan AG Going After Lawyers Who Filed Election Fraud Allegations Asking the Court to Overturn the Election

The Michigan Attorney General, Democrat Dana Nessel, has said she will seek sanctions against attorney Sidney Powell and other lawyers she says made “intentional misrepresentations” in filing lawsuits to challenge the results of the Michigan presidential election.

This after the entire world saw videos of Republican observers kicked out of vote counting centers and Democratic operatives posting whiteboards on the windows of a vote counting center so that the Republican observers couldn’t see what they were doing.

If anything, I think the Michigan AG should be sued for negligence, because she obviously didn’t do her job to make sure there was a free and fair election.  The US Constitution guarantees every state a republican form of government, and the Michigan Executive and Judicial branches did things that violated the Constitution.

The Detroit News reported on Tuesday that the Michigan AG spoke to reporters saying that she also intends to pursue court costs and fees and to file complaints with the attorney grievance commission.  Nessel is joining the City of Detroit, along with an attorney for Wayne County, voter Robert Davis, in asking for sanctions against the attorneys who represented Republicans in cases seeking to overturn the state election.

Can you believe this?  Over 70 of the precincts in Wayne County were out of balance, and that’s because more people voted than were registered to vote.  Way more.

Democrats say that President Donald Trump lost Michigan to Joe Biden by 154,000 votes.  Right after the election, Powell and others made allegations of massive voter fraud, and some lawsuits were filed seeking to prove those allegations in court and prevent the election from being certified. Those efforts were unsuccessful because the judges are in on the fraud.  So far, every judge that has denied a case, including Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court John Roberts has done so on technicalities, yet the Left keep screaming that the courts shut down the lawsuits because there was no evidence.  You have to be completely out of the loop to claim there was no evidence, because there is a mountain of evidence discovered that the Democratic Party cheated their rear ends off in the 2020 election.

Andrew Paterson, Davis’ attorney, filed a motion with the US District Court for Michigan’s Eastern District asking for sanctions against the lawyers who represented six Michigan Republicans who asked the court to declare Trump the winner of the Michigan election.  NOTHING they did was illegal or deserving of sanctions, but this is what Democrats do.  They do something unconscionable and then they go after you as if you were the one who did something wrong. These actions are part of their election fraud, to act outraged and demand that the other side are the bad guys. It’s sickening.

Paterson’s asked the court to sanction “the egregious conduct of the plaintiffs and their attorneys for making clearly frivolous arguments and using the judicial system to obtain unprecedented relief, to satisfy plaintiffs’ selfish and destructive political agendas.”  The judicial system was created for exactly how they used it.  They have evidence of election fraud in the state of Michigan and they sought judicial relief.

The motion cites US Code that permits a judge to require attorneys to pay “excess costs, expenses and attorney’s fee” for conduct that “multiplies the proceedings in any case unreasonably and vexatiously.”

“It is unfathomable that licensed attorneys would deliberately file false and misleading affidavits and pleadings with the Court in an effort to disenfranchise millions of Michigan residents,” Davis said. “Not only should these individuals and their attorneys be assessed financial sanctions, but they also should be barred from practicing in the federal courts in the Eastern District of Michigan.”

I think the lawyers should file for sanctions against Davis for the very thing he’s accusing them of doing.  His grandstanding against the lawyers who filed against election fraud is wasting the court’s time.  There were no misleading affidavits.  How would he know that if the court never accepted the case?  There was no Discovery to give him the affidavits.  Davis is lying.

The City of Detroit is also seeking sanctions against the lawyers.  Of course they are, because guilty Democrats like to add insult to injury.

“The allegations about supposed fraud in the processing and tabulation of absentee ballots by the city at the TCF Center have been rejected by every court which has considered them,” the city’s motion states. “If any of the claims in this lawsuit had merit, that would have been demonstrated in those cases.”

Yes, but what about all the Republican observers the entire world saw kicked out of the vote counting centers?  And what about the whiteboards posted to the windows of the vote counting center so that the GOP observers couldn’t see inside?  That alone IS considered fraud in the processing and tabulation of absentee ballots.

The lying Democrats tried to explain away that the whiteboard were put up so that private voter data wasn’t seen by people outside the voting center.  And Fake News outlets like CNN ran with it.  This in the face of complaints by GOP observers, before they were kicked out, that being forced to stand 30 feet away from ballot counters made it impossible to see anything on the ballots.  It was just too far away.  So these Democrats and their boot-licking sycophants in the Fake News media expect us to believe that the Democrats in Detroit put up white boards because they feared that people would be able to see private voter data three times that distance?  And it would be more believable if they hadn’t kicked out the Republican observers.

This is why I believe Democrats in office are the most evil people in politics.  They cheated during the election, and now they’re trying to punish the people who caught them.  Is there anything worse than sociopaths like that?

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